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medical term c23

Haney Medterm c23-18

Characterized by short-term and long term memory deficits amnesia
a state of frenzied excitement, occurs rapidly and is characterized by difficulty maintaining and shifting attention. delirium
a progressive organic mental disorder characterized by chronic personality disintigration, confusion, disorientation, stupor, etc. dementia
Characterized by gross distortion of reality, disturbances of language and communication, withdrawal from social interaction, adnd the disorganization and fragmentation of though and perception. Schizophrenia
A characteristic of schizophrenia in which the person perceives something that does not exist. Hallucinations
A characteristic of schizophrenia in which the person firmly holds to a persistent abnormal belief or preception despite evidence to the contrary. Delusions
A characteristic of schizophrenia in which the person may move rapidly from one topic to another, making little sense. Disorganized speech.
A characteristic of schizophrenia in which the individual shows little or no emotional response to the environment. flattened affect.
a condition characterized by the individual being overly suspicious of others and having hallucinations and delusions paranoid schizophrenia
a psychological disorder characterized by episodes of mania, depression, alternating between two, or a mixture of the two moods simultaneously. bipolar disorder
a chronic mood disorder characterized by numerous periods of mood swings from depression to happiness cyclothymic disorder
a disorder characterized by one or more episodes of depressed mood that lasts at least 2 weeks and is accompanied by at least four additional symptoms of depression major depressive disorder
a disorder characterized by chronic unrealistic and excessive anxiety and wory. generalized anxiety disorder
characterized by recurrent panic attacks that come on unexpectedly followed by at least one month of persistent concern about having another panic attack panic disorder
an anxiety disorder characterized by an obsessive, irrational, and intense fear of a specific object, of an activity, or physical situation. phobic disorder
fear of high places that results in extreme anxiety acrophobia
morbid fear of fresh air or drafts aerophobia
fear of being in an open, crowded, or public place, such as a field, congested street, or busy store, where escape may be difficult. agoraphobia
fear of being in or becoming trapped in enclosed or narrow places; fear of closed spaces claustrophobia
an obsessive, irrational fear of darkness nyctophobia
a persisten, irrational fear of animals, particularly dogs, snakes, insects, and mice. zoophobia
a disorder characterize by recurent obsessions or compulsions that are severe enough to be time consuming. obsessive-compulsive disorder
a disorder in which the individual experiences characteristic symptoms following exposure to an extremely traumatic event. posttraumatic stress disorder
a disorder in which the individual represses anxiety experienced by emotional conflicts by converting the anxious feelings into physical symptoms that have no organic base but are perceived to be real by the person conversion disorder
a chronic abnormal concern about hte health of the body hypochondriasis
a psychological disorder in which the patient experiences pain in the absence of phsiologic findings pain disorder
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