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advertising campaign a series of advertisements to persuade people to buy something
window shopping to visit a store to look at items without the intention of buying anything
to be value for money to be worth the cost
to try something on to see if an item of clothing fits or is suitable
(summer) sales a period in the year when things are sold cheaply
to snap up a bargain to buy something quickly that is being sold cheaply
to slash prices to reduce prices a great deal
to shop until you drop to do a lot of shopping
shop assistant the person who serves customers
to shop around to try different shops to find the best deal
to run up a credit card bill to owe money on a credit card
to pick up a bargain to buy something much cheaper than the normal price
to pay the full price to pay the full amount for something
big brand names large well-known companies or product names to be careful with money: to not over-spend
a pay in cash to pay for something using coins or paper money
to be on commission to pay someone in relation to the amount they sell
to be on a tight budget to have a limited amount of money to spend
must-have product a product that is very popular that a lot of people want to have
local shops community shops
independent stores small shops independent of large companies
high street names well-known shops
to give someone the hard sell to put pressure on someone to buy something
to get into debt to owe money
customer service the degree to which customers are treated well
carrier bag bags (usually plastic) supplied by shops
loyalty card a card issued by a shop to allow customers to save money on the basis of what they spend
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