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Medical Terms


Congenital: Born with
Circumcision: Cutting around
Contraceptive: Against conceptive
Bicuspid: Two-pointed
Inflammation of the urinary bladder: Cystitis
Gastrectomy: Gastric resection name. Removal of stomach.
Cystoscopy: Visual examination of the urinary bladder.
High level of sugar in the blood. Hyperglycemia
Aden/o: Gland
Cyst/o: Urinary Bladder
Iatrogenic: Pertaining to produced by treatment.
-scopy: Process of visual examination.
Diagnosis: Made on the basis of complete knowledge about the patient's condition correct.
Pertaining to the largest part of the brain: Cerebral
Cyt/o: Cell
Carcin/o: Cancer
Enter/o: Intestine, usually small intestine.
A-, An-: without, not
Ante-: Before
Anti-, Contra- : against, resisting
Auto- : Self
Bi-, Dipl- : two, double twofold, double
Co-, Con- : with, together
De- : Down from, undoing.
Dia- : Across, through
Dys- : Bad, disordered, difficult
Ectop- : Displaced
Ef- : Away from
Em-, En- : In, into
Endo- , Intra- : Within
Epi- : Upon
Eu- : Good
Ex- , Exo- : Out of , out from
Extra- : Outside of
Hapl-, Mono- : Single, one
Circum-, peri- : Around, surrounding
Apnea: Cessation of breathing. Without breathing.
Afferent: Carrying toward.
Allosteric: Another Shape.
Anuria: Absence of urination.
Antenatal: Before birth
Antibody: Unit that resists foreign.
Autoimmunity: Self-immunity.
Sarc/o: Flesh
Glyc/o: Sugar
Radi/o: X-ray
-logy: process of study; study of.
-opsy: process of viewing.
cardio/o: heart
-itis: inflammation
-oma: tumor; mass; swelling.
-gram: record
ur/o: urine or urinary tract
cerebr/o: cerebrum, largest part of the brain.
ped/o: child
ren/o: kidney
arthr/o: joint
encepha/o: brain
hepat/o: liver
derm/o: skin
cephal/o: head
Created by: rochelle1977



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