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Catering Terms

Croutons Little cubes of fried bread served with soups or salads
Al dente Firm to the bite (pasta or vegetables)
Bain-Marie A container of water to keep foods hot without fear of burning
Bouquet Garni A small bunch of fresh herbs
Au Gratin Sprinkled with breadcrumbs or cheese and grilled
Garnish Trimmings - added to the main item to make it look good
Entree The main course
Brulee Burned cream
Accompaniment Items offered separately to a main dish
Puree A smooth mixture made from passing food through a sieve
Saute Tossed in fat
Table de Hote A set menu with fixed prices and limited choice of dishes
Coulis A sauce made from pureed fruit of vegetables
Flambe To cook using a flame by burning away alcohol
En Croute Wrapped in pastry
Julienne Thin, matchstick sized vegetables
Marinade A rich, spiced liquid used to add flavour and tenderise meat and fish
Mise-en-Place Basic preparation before assembling products
Reduce To concentrate liquid by boiling or simmering
Roux A thickening of cooked flour and fat
Danger Zone The temperature between 5 - 63 celcius where bacteria multiply most rapidly
A la carte menu A menu where all items are priced separately
Hot Holding Food is kept hot until served
Pathogenic Bacteria Harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning
Lactose A sugar found in milk and milk products
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