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Shakespeare Qs

Questions about William Shakespeare

Where was Shakespeare born? Stratford-on-Avon, England
When was Shakespeare born? April 23rd, 1564
When did Shakespeare die? April 23rd, 1616.
Who did Shakespeare marry? Anne Hathaway
How much older was Shakespeare's wife than he? 8 years
How many plays (approximately) did Shakespeare write? 37
What was the name of the first theatre in London and when was it built? "The Theater" was built in 1576.
What was the name of Shakespeare’s theatre and when was it built? The Globe was built in 1598.
What was the shape of Shakespeare’s theatre and how did that differ from other theatres of the time? Shakespeare's theatre was roughly circular (actually octagonal); most theatres of the time were rectangular.
The era during which Shakespeare was writing were known as ___________________________ times. Elizabethan
Some of Shakespeare’s plays were originally written in Quarto volumes. What is a Quarto? A large sheet of paper folded into four leaves to create eight (17 cm x 21 cm) pages.
Why was it difficult to reproduce Shakespeare’s plays exactly as he wrote them? 1. There are many pirated copies and none are exactly the same. 2. Many weren’t published until after he died. 3. Acts & stage directions weren’t part of Shakespeare’s original plays.
Why were early outdoor theatres in London located outside of the city? City authorities disapproved of such gatherings partly on moral an political grounds, and partly because of the threat of spreading plague.
How many people could Shakespeare’s theatre hold? 2000 to 3000 people
How did theatres advertise their performances? Playbills posted around the city
What was the minimum cost to see a play? One penny (about $0.60 today)
What was a “groundling”? Groundlings were spectators at an outdoor theatre who paid minimum price to stand on the ground level to watch a play. While closest to the stage, groundlings were subject to the weather and had to stand. Therefore, these were the cheapest “seats.”
Where did actors get dressed before and during a play? The Tiring House at the rear of the stage
About how many actors would be in an acting company like The King’s Men? 25
Shakespeare wrote his plays mostly in _________________ verse. blank
What is iambic pentameter? Iambic pentameter is a rhythmic pattern consisting of ten-syllable lines with every second syllable accented. Therefore, each line gets five beats (five accented syllables).
Why did Shakespeare use rhyme in an otherwise unrhymed play? 1. To show his versatility as a writer 2. To mark the end of a scene 3. To show class distinction (only nobles and clergy rhyme) 4. To make add impact or make certain lines more memorable
Created by: MrReise