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Chapter 5


Body Language percentage used to communicate 60%
Tonality percentage used to communicate 30%
Spoken word percentage used to communicate 10%
Communication is the transfer of information from one party to another
Comfort zone 2-3 feet
the base of Maslow's Hierarchy is Physiology
Most common form of communication Verbal Communication
Cultural or ethic backgrounds, and a variety of other factors also impact the meanings of some words. Perceptions
Judgment formed prior to gathering all facts Prejudice
An attitude that all people from one ethnicity are the same Stereotyping
To dwell on, mull-over, study or weight out what has been said Reflective Listening
Being patient and giving your undivided attention while a message is spoken Active listening
Demonstrating disinterest Apathy
Refusing to accept information (unpleasant information) Denial
What are the top 3 ways of communication Body language, Tonality, Spoken word
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