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Haney medterm c22-15

haney medterm c22-15

what relieves pain analgersic
partially numbs or eliminates sensativity without loss of consiousness anesthetic
connects cardiac arrhythmias antiarrhythimic
stops or controls the growth of infection causing microorganisms antibiotic
prevents clot continuation or formation anticoagulant
prevents or relieves convulsions anticonvulsant
prevents relieves or cures mental depression antidepressant
helps control blood sugar level antidiabetic
prevents or treats diarrhea antidiarrheal
suppresses the formation of urine antidiuretic
prevents or relieves nausea or vomiting antiemetic
destroys or inhibits the growth of fungi antifungal
prevents or controls high blood pressure antihypertensive
counteracts inflammation in the body anti-inflammatory
relieves cough due to various causes antitussive
prevents and treats peptic ulcer and gastric hypersecretion antiulcer agent
increases urine secretion diuretic
induces sleep or dulls senses hypnotic
reduces blood lipid lipid-lowering agent
relieves muscle tension skeletal muscle relaxant
prevents and treats vitamin deficiencies vitamin
stops and controls the growth of infection causing micro-organisms anti-infective
exerts a sootheing tranqualizing effect on the body sedative
treats hypertension angina and various abnormal heart rythms calcium channel blocker
suppresses the bodies natural immune response to an antigen immunosuppressant
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