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Admin CH 3

Medicolegal & Ethical Responsibilities

Standards of conduct accepted as a moral guide for behavior professional medical ethics
Modern code of ethics adopted by the American Medical Association to guide physicians standards of code Principles of Medical Ethics for the Physician
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act became federal law in: 1996
PHI protected health information
Consent form personal release of identifiable health information for treatment, payment, and routine health care operations
Moral guide for behavior Ethics
Courtest and manners, Customary code of conduct Etiquette
Ethics of life and death Bioethics
Examples of Bioethics Stem cell research. Fetal tissue research. Organ transplant. Artificial insemination.
the patient has the right to make decisions concerning their own healthcare Autonomy
requires people to do what is in the best interest of others Beneficence
the principle by which a society or healthcare community decide to allocate resources that are in scarce supply Distributive Justice
What are the 4 Natural Rights Right to: Life. Privacy. Autonomy. The means to sustain life.
Associated with abortion the Right to life
Patients right to confidentiality Right to privacy
Right to make independent decisions concerning healthcare Right to autonomy
Justice in distribution according to medical care, how much care is necessary for all Right to the means to sustain life
DNR Do Not Resuscitate
Allows patients to specify their wishes in regard to 48 specific dire medical situations by questionnaire Medical directive
Written document stating how you want to live or not Living Will
Someone to carry out your wishes should you be unable to Healthcare proxy
Can be given to a power of attorney Healthcare
Child of any age that falls outside jurisdiction & custody of their parents Emancipated minors
Examples of ways minors fall under Emancipation Active duty military. Marriage. Becoming a parent. Living independently/ not at home (college student).
Addresses legally binding contracts Contract Law
Contract with insurance company and outside vendors Third Party contract
An agreement created by actions of parties involved. Not written or spoken Implied contract
a contract which all elements are specifically stated Expressed contract
the withdrawal of a physician from the care of a patient without notice Abandonment
Result of carelessness without the intent to harm Breach on confidentiality
intentional perversion of the truth Fraud
Regulates distribution of narcotics DEA - Drug Enforcement Agency
Protects health by ensuring safe pharmaceutical products FDA - Food & Drug Administration
Regulates laboratories and ensures proper protocol is being implemented CLIA - Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment of 1988
Ensures safe working conditions for employees OSHA - Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Limits health administration costs HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act
Legal protection to people who give reasonable assistance to injured personal Good Samaritan Act
means WRONG Tort Law
Negligence by a professional Malpractice
Careless conduct outside the accepted standard of care. or Conduct that falls below standards established by the law Negligence
Unlawful or improper treatment of the patient Malfeasance
Failure to act when the physician has duty to do so Nonfeasance
Disregard for the safety of another person, being indifferent to an injury that could occur Criminal Negligence
Professional person has a ___ to the injured person. Duty
The duty that the professional failed to meet Derelict
failure to meet the duty caused direct injury Direct cause
failure to meet duty caused injury or damage Damages
PSDA - Patient Self Determination Act Danforth Bill; Medical Miranda rights for patients act
Which document must be obtained and signed in order to disclose protected health information? Authorization form
Legal document that allows an individual to designate another person to act on his or her behalf in making medical decisions is best described as? durable power of attorney for health care
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