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2a353 Volume 3 CH 2

USAF Tactical Aircraft Maintenance CDC Questions 2016

What is usually found at the lowest point of a fuel tank? A sump and a drain
What is installed in fighter aircraft fuel tanks that prevent fuel sloshing and reduce the potential for fuel ignition or explosion if the aircraft is hit by enemy fire? Foam blocks
Which fuel tank type is made of a rubber or nylon material and conforms to the shape of the vacant cavity within the fuselage where it sits? Bladder-type
Which type of fuel tank is not removable and is not self-sealing? Integral
What is the primary purpose of a centrifugal pump? Pressurize the fuel manifold
What distinct advantage do centrifugal-type pumps have over other types? They tend to run cooler because there is no contact between the rotating impeller and the stationary housing of the pump body
Why must the centrifugal type pump be installed at a location where fuel will flow to the pumps inlet? because the centrifugal type pump is not self priming
How are centrifugal pumps driven? hydraulic power or electricity
Which pump consists of an electric motor and shaft with circular vanes at the end? Rotary vane type pumps
When would a rotor vane type pump most likely be used? Scavenging operations
What principle applies to the operation of an ejector pump? Venturi
What is the function of the rotor in an air-refueling pump? To remove fuel vapors caused by the centrifugal force of the impeller
List 2 types of check valves Flapper and pressure loading
What is the purpose of the small drilled hole in the center of the flapper? Allows some fuel to return from other parts of the system to lubricate a dry pump
How are pressure loaded check valves opened? By pump pressure only
Why are shutoff valves installed in a manifold? To control the flow of fuel or air through a manifold or into a tank
What is an advantage of the sliding gate shutoff valve? It has the advantage of being able to control a large flow of fuel
What components make up a rotary plug shutoff valve? Valve body and the motor and rotor plug
What type of seal is used between the disc and the valve body of a disc type shutoff valve? O-ring
What is the purpose of a fuel level control valve? Provides for the automatic control of the fuel level during the filling of a tank
Piston type fuel level control valves operate on what principle? Hydromechanical
How is the diaphragm type valve controlled? Electrically
What controls the operation of the fuel control valve in a combination fuel control valve and pilot valve? The pilot valve
What condition may cause a temporary malfunction of a vent float valve? Frozen condensation within the valve
What is the definition of a switch? A component used to open or close an electrical circuit or to select paths through a circuit
List three types of fuel controlled switches Pressure, float, and fue flow indicator
How does a pressure switch work to indicate fuel pressure? If there is sufficient fuel pressure in the manifold, the diaphragm actuates the micro switch, which completes the electrical circuit across the terminal and illuminates a pressure indicator light to indicate fuel pressure
How are float switches actuated? By fuel level
What switch indicates a flow or no flow condition? Fuel flow indicating switch
List two types of fuel quantity indicating switches The DC liquid level and capacitance type
What type of fuel quantity indicating system uses the potentiometer wiper mechanism? The DC liquid level type
The capacitance type fuel indicating system shows how much fuel is in a tank, using what form of measurement? Pounds of fuel
What component controls the amount of pressure entering a fuel tank? Air pressure regulator
IF the air pressure regulator fails, what unit will relieve the excess pressure? The pressure/vacuum relief valve
What item of a disconnect coupling prevents fuel leakage from an installed external tank? An O-ring
What is the purpose of the aircraft fuel system? Stores fuel and delivers the proper amount of clean fuel at the right pressure to meet the demands of the engine
What are the four components of the engine feed system? Pumps, check valves, shutoff valves, and thermal relief valves
If a pump fails to operate, what component prevents the reverse from of fuel through the pump? check valve
What controls all shutoff valves in an engine feed system? Throttles
What is the purpose of thermal relief valves? To relieve pressure from heat expanded fuel
What is the purpose of the crossed system? To ensure fuel is supplied to the engines at all times
What are the three methods used to transfer fuel? Pump, air pressure, and gravity flow
What component controls feel level in the receiving tank during transfer? Fuel level control valve
How is a fuel control valve controlled? Either by the solenoid or the pilot float
What components are required during gravity transfer of fuel? Shutoff valve and float valve
Where are vent ports located? Top of the fuel tank
Describe the purpose of the fuel pressurization system The system is designed to maintain air pressure in the tanks to minimize fuel boiling and, in some cases, to transfer fuel
What system is used to remove residual fuel from a manifold? Scavenge
Define fueling The filling of a tank or tanks with fuel from an external source
What is the most common method used to refuel an aircraft? Single-point
During refueling, when all tanks are filled, what happens to the fuel pressure? It increases
What is the fuel servicing safety zone? It is the area within 50 feet of a pressurized fuel carrying servicing component; and 25 feet around the aircraft fuel vent outlets
What grounding procedures must be followed to properly ground the fuel truck and the aircraft during defueling? The aircraft and fuel tank must be bonded together and connected to a low resistance ground
Name 2 advantages of having aerial refueling capabilities Greatly extends the range of the aircraft and permits takeoffs with much greater loads than would otherwise possible
How is the aerial refueling receptacle operated and controlled? Operated hydraulically and controlled electrically
Name the principal contaminants that reduce the quality of fuel Water, foreign particles, microbial growth, and sediment
List some of the common types of foreign particles that can show up in fuel Rust, sand, dust, aluminum and magnesium compounds, brass shavings and rubber
Which color of rust indicates magnetic particles? Black
Sediment in fuel appears in what forms? Dust, powder, fibrous material, grains, flakes or stain.
What are the 2 categories of sediments? Coarse and fine
Define fine sediment Particles smaller than 10 microns
Why is classification of fuel leaks necessary? To differentiate between those leaks that constitute a flight safety hazard and require repair before flight, and those that do not require immediate repair
What must you use to wipe down a fuel leak? Wipe the area dry with a clean, static free, absorbent cloth to assist the drying process
How many leak category are there and what are they? 4; Class A,B,C,D
When in doubt about which class a fuel leak is, what should you do? Classify it to the next highest category
What are the 5 leak locations identified for fuel leak evaluation purposes? External, Internal vented, internal non-vented, electrical conduit, and external mounted components
What is determined when crossing the leak category with the leak location? Condition/action
In addition to AFTO form 781A or 781K, what form must you document fuel leaks if automated data systems are not available? AFTO Form 427, Aircraft Integral Fuel Tank Repair Historical Record
Created by: wcarrel11
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