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TOFEL Words(1-50)

Abandon 放棄 abondoned the sinking ship (S) relinquish 放棄; forgo 放棄;forsake 背叛
Abash 羞愧 abashed before the assembled dignitaries (S) fluster 慌亂; disconcert 搞亂; discompose 驚 (A) self-possessed 鎮靜
Abdicate 放棄 abdicated the throne (S) renounce 放棄; abandon 放棄;relinquish 放棄
Abet 助長 treacherously abetted the enemy (S) spur 帶動; incite 煽動; (A) deter 阻止
Abridge 刪減 abridged his lengthy speech (S) curtail 縮短;diminish 減少; (A) protract 拖長;elongate 拉長
Abrogate 廢除 a treaty abrogated by mutual consent (S) annul 廢止; nullify 廢止; rescind 廢除;
Abstemious 節制 abstemioius in his habits (S) temperate 節制
Academic 學術 theoretical academic interests (S) scholastic 學術的
Accede 同意 accede to a request (S) assent 同意
Accelerate 加速 took an accelerated course in order to graduate early (S) expedite 促進; (A) retard 減速
Accolade 榮譽 a tremendous accolade for a returning hero (S) tribute 貢獻; ovation 歡呼
Accord 符合 in full accord with his view (S) concord 和睦; concurrence 同意
Acrimonious 尖酸刻薄 stung by the acrimonious remark (S)caustic 尖酸刻薄; acerb 尖酸刻薄; (A) affable 和藹可親
Acumen 敏銳 showing exceptional business acumen (S) perspicacity 洞察力; discernment 洞察; obtuseness 遲鈍
Admonish 勸告 admonishing the unruly child (S) chide 斥責; reprimand 譴責
Adversary 對手 his adversary in a bitter debate (S) antagonist 對手
Aesthetic 審美的 interested in aesthetic values rather than in purely practical affairs
Affable 和藹可親 affable gentleman (S) complaisant 彬彬有禮; benign 良性的; (A) brusque 唐突
Affluent 富裕的 a large bequest from an affluent grandfather (S) opulent 豐裕的; profuse 很多的; (A) destitute 窮困的
Aggressive 好鬥的 annoyed people by his aggressive attitude (S) bumptious 自誇自擂的; officious 多管閑事的
Alacrity 樂意 responded to the flattering offer with alacrity (S) celerity 樂意; briskness 敏捷; (A) apathy 冷漠
Alienate 疏遠 altenated by his gruff manner
Allay 使鎮靜 at ease now that his fears have been allayed (S) appease 安撫; alleviate 使緩和; (A) intensify 強化
Allude 暗指 alluded quite subtly to his friend's misfortune (S) insinuate 暗示; intimate 暗示; (A) refer 參考
Allure 引誘 allured by the prospect of a new job (S) lure 引誘; decoy 誘騙; (A) repel 抵抗
Ambiguous 曖昧 (in more than one way puzzled) by the ambiguous statement (S) hazy 朦朧; obscure 含糊; (A) explicit 清楚
Amenable 肯服從的 amenable to the suggestion (S) tractable 易於管教; docile 易於管教; (A) intractable 倔強的
Amiable 親切的 attracted friends by his amiable disposition (S) complaisant 杉杉有禮的
Anachronism 不合潮流 A machine gun at the Battle of Yorktown would be an anachronism
Analogy 類比 He indicated points of analogy between the two situations (S) correspondence 對應; affinity 共鳴; anomaly 異常
Anarchy 無政府狀態 a country bought to utter anarchy by civil war (S) chaos 混亂; pandemonium 地獄
Animus 敵意felt no animus, even against the enemy (S) enmity 敵意; rancor 敵意; amity 友好
Annals 年鑒 in the annals of literature
Anonymous 佚名 an anonymous publication
Anthology 詩選 an anthology of modern poetry
Antithesis 對照 his selfish attitude seemed to me the antithesis of patriotism
Apathy 冷漠 attribute his failure to apathy, rather than lack of ability (S) torpor 麻木; lethargy 昏睡; (A )zeal 熱心
Apprehensive 憂慮 being unprepared, John is apprehensive of the examination
Apprise 通知 apprised his lieutenants of the new situation
Approbation 批准 a plan that met with hearty approbation (S) sanction 認可; commendation 推薦; disapprobation 不答應
Apt 有傾向的 apt to succeed (S) prone 有傾向的
Arbiter 仲裁人 a fair decision renered by the arbiter (S) mediator 仲裁人; arbitrator 仲裁人
Archetype 原型 copies reproduced from the archetype (S) prototype 原型
Arid 乾燥的 the arid desert land (S) jejune 不毛的; parched 焦的; (A) arable 適於耕種
Aristocracy 貴族 special privileges enjoyed by the aristocracy (S) oligarchy 寡頭政治; democracy 自由
Armistice 休戰 the armistice halted the war (S) truce 停戰
Artful 狡猾的 attained his mean objective by artful measures (S) cunning 狡猾的; wily 使用計謀的; (A) guileless 誠實的
Articulate 清淅的 articulated slowly so that he could not be misunderstood
Ascetic 修道者 pursued the ascetic life of a monk (S) austere 簡樸的; abstinent 有節制的; (A)wanton 蕩婦; 荒唐的
Askance 斜視地 looked askance at th forged signature
Created by: DrAngusKFC
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