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What is the genetic constitution of an organism Genotype
This describes the condition of a sick person Illness
DNA sequence is disrupted Mutation
Smallest type of organism Virus
Not in harmony Disease
Contains all hereditary information DNA
Worms Helminths
Leukocytes rush to site and phagocytize invading organism Phagocytosis
Caused by treatment Iatrogenic
Helps asses extent of burns Rule of nines
Koplik's spots are characteristic of what childhood disease? Rubeola
Another name for German measles is Rubella
Another name for tetanus is? Lockjaw
What virus causes mumps. Paramyxovirus
Another name for chicken pox is Varicella
What is the new formation Neoplasm
What is a new formation that grows slowly Benign neoplasm
incomplete closure of one or more vertebrae is called what Spina bifida occulta
Incomplete closure of vertebrae with protrusion of spinal fluid meningocele
External sac contains meninges, cerebralspinal fluid Meningomyelocele
The kidney is responsible for regulation of body fluids, filtrations, regulation of blood pressure. True or False? True
of the fluid that passes through the nephron, what percentage becomes urine? 1
What does UTI stand for Urinary tract infection
Two forms of dialysis are Peritoneal and hemodialysis
the inability to control urine excretion is called Incontinence
What is acute poststrptotoocccal glomerulonephritis APSGN
Accumulation of serous fluid in abdominal cavity Ascites
Blood in the urine Hematuria
Urination Micturition
excessive urination at night Nocturia
Kidneys, ureters and bladder KUB
Scanty urine Oliguria
Urine in blood Uremia
Pus in urine Pyuria
Itching Pruritus
Erectile dysfunction in males Impotence
Sexual dysfunction in females Arousal or orgasmic dysfunction
Ejaculation immediately on or prior to sex Premature ejaculation
Who is the best nick flock
Disease caused by various types of papillomavirus gential warts
disease cased by a motile protozoan Trichomoniasis
Disease caused by bacteria Gonorrhea, syphilis
Disease caused by simplex virus Herpes
breast mass is round firm, discrete and relatively movable, benign fibroadenoma
Widespread lumpiness in the upper outer quadrant of the breast Mammary dysplasia
Breast dimpling, swelling, skin irritation, nipple discharge Carcinoma of the breast
Prenatal history physical examinations and ultrasound PROM
The most common malabsorption disorder Celiac sprue
Examination of colon using fiberoptic endoscope Colonoscopy
Disorder whose symptoms include pain in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen Appendicitis
Chronic hepatic disease Cirrhosis
Disorder whose symptoms include an abnormal fear of becoming fat Bulimia
Inflammation of the gallbladder Choleystictis
Accute infaceiton and inflamation of the liver Viral hepatitis
Inflammation of the stomach and bowel gastroenteritis
Disorder associated witha change in colonic motility Irritable bowel syndrome
Air in pleural cavity Pneumothorax
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD
Sore throat PHaryngitis
Caused by epstein-barr virus Pneumothorax
exessive fluid in pleural space Pleural effusion
black lung disease Anthracosis
Lungs lose normal elasticity Emphysema
Inflamation of the pleura Pleurisy
Hoarseness or loss of voice Laryngitis
Unexplained sudden death of an infant SIDS
Enlargment of the lymphoid Adenoid hyperplasia
Inflammation of cardiac muscle Endocarditis
Inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart Pericarditis
Inflammation of the heart valves and chambers ENDOCARDITIS
Heart suddenly ceases to pump Cardiac arrest
Local dilation of artery or chamber of heart Aneuryism
Inflamation of the vein with thrombus formaiton Varicose veins
Dialated tortuous veins Varicose veins
sensory loss in lower etremitis Paraplegia
Sensory loss in all extremities Quadriplegia
Unilateral sensory loss Hemiplegia
the most common form of hyperthyroidism Graves disease
thyroid enlargement tumor of anterior pituitary Hypopituitarism
Thyroid enlargment Simple goiter
Hypothyroidism in adults Myxedema
Hyperfunction of gh before puberty Gigantism
Disorder caused by insulin lack Diabetes mellitus
Hypocalcemia Hypoparathyroidism
Hyperfunciton of GH after puberty Gigantism
Classic symptom is polyuria Diabetes insipidus
Cuased by excessive glucocorticosterid hormones Acromegaly
Hypothyroidism in children Diabetes mellitus
Lateral curvature of the spine Scoliosis
Roundback Lordosis
Spinal curvature with forward convexity Kyphosis
Ruptured or slipped disk Herniated intervertebral disk
seborrheic dermatatitis Produces dry, moist or greasy scaling
shingles herpes zoster
Hives Uriticartia
Inflamatory disease of sebaceous follicles acne vulgaris
appears to have allergic, hereditary or physical components Atopic dermatitis
Psoriasis causes high rate of skin turnover
cold or fever sores herpes simplex virus
Baldness Alopecia
Shingles Herpes zoster
Causes erythma and small skin vesicles Impetigo
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