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SAT Fourth Quarter


Ameliorate To make an unpleasant situation better; to improve
Assiduous persistent, hardworking, diligent, attentive to detail
Auspicious Taking place under promising conditions; likely to succeed
Candor honesty, frankness
Chasten Punish, discipline, castigate
Clemency Mercy
Criteria requirements or standards used to make a decision
Diatribe a bitterly critical speech
Disperse spread out, scatter
Enmity mutual hatred
Extraneous unnecessary, irrelevant
Exuberant uncontrollably joyous
Garner collect, gather, accumulate, earn
Hamper interfere with movement or progress
Haphazard without plan or action
Impasse a situation from which you cannot escape, stalemate
Inert lacking movement, inactive, sluggish
Infamy a bad reputation, notoriety
Jargon specialized language used by a particular group
Ludicrous absurd, ridiculous
Lugubrious Mournful
Mollify lessen anger, soothe, placate
Optimist someone who always believes things will turn out okay
Paucity too few, scarcity
Profound penetrating beyond the superficial, filled with wisdom and insight, deep
Recluse person who prefers to be alone all the time, someone withdrawn from the rest of society
Recondite hidden, difficult to understand, prfound
Usury the practice of charging a very high rate of interest on loans
Virulent poisonous or destructive, filled with anger or hate, harsh
Wane Grow gradually smaller
Created by: MLDoom
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