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haney medtermch23 17

haney medterm ch23 17

Amnesia loss of memory
delirium state of frenzied excitement
dementia confusion disorientation fear
schizophrenia a large group of psycotic disorders
paranoid schizophrenia hallucinations
bipolar disorder Manic depressive
cyclothymic disorder chronic disorder
major depressive disorder condition characterized in major depression lasting at least 2 weeks
generalized anxiety disorder chronic state of unrealistic and uncontrolled anxiety
panic disorder recurring panic attacks as well as a constant fear of having a panic attack
phobic disorder any phobia
OCD obsessive compulsive disorder
PTSD often shows in veterans flashbacks and paranoia
conversion disorder a disorder in which the victim suppresses stress
hypochondriasis chronic disorder in which
Narcolepsy sleep disorder
pain disorder pain in the absence of any pathological condition
dissociative amnesia a condition characterized by forgetting important personal info
dissociative fugue a person removes themselves from life as they know it and then returns with no memory
dissociative identity disorder multi personality disorder
exhibitionism a disorder in which one needs to expose themselves to others
fetishism a sexual obsession with body parts objects and situations
frotteurism a person achieves sexual satisfaction by rubbing themselves against a non consenting partner
pedophilia an unnatural sexual obsession with children
sexual sadism a need to inflict pain,suffering or even mutilation during sex
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