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Haney Medterm c19

Haney Medterm C19-4

What does HMD stand for? hyaline membrane disease
What does PNP stand for? pediatric nurse practitioner
TB stands for what? tuberculosis
what does the word element blast/o mean? embryonic stage of development
crypt/o means? hidden
epi- means... upon, over
nat/o means? birth
what does the word element pedi/a mean? child
what is another name for pertussis? whooping cough
What is another name for a fever? pyrexia
When does the primary eruption of the central incisor occur? 6-8 months
what does the second molar in the upper teeth during secondary eruption of the teeth occur? between 12 & 13 year olds.
pry/o meaning? fire, heat
ne/o meaning? new
what does tetr/a mean? four
an inflammation of the umbilical stump, marked by redness, swelling, and purulent exudate in severe case is what? omphalitis
Define stature Natural height of a person in an upright position
what does Tympan/o mean? eardrum
what is an acute upper respiratory infectious disease caused by the bacterium, Bordetella pertussis? Pertussis
Also known as German Measles Rubella
what does DPT stand for? Denver Placement Test
A condition that is present at birth (" born with") is termed: congenital
This condition is also known as respiratory distress syndrome of the premature infant? Hyaline membrane Disease
The completely unexpected and unexplained death of an apparently well, or virtually well, infant is know as SIDS or: crib death
what does SIDS stand for? Sudden infant death syndrome
Created by: laur9760