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Haney medterm c19-2

Haney medterm C19-2

What is a viral disease of sudden onset with slight fever, successive eruptions of macules, papules, and vesicles on the skin? Chickenpox
Is an acute upper respiratory infectious disease caused by the bacterium Bordetella pertussis. pertussis
A contagious superficial skin infection characterized by serous vesicles and pustules filled with millions of staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria. impetigo
An acute viral disease characterized by fever, swelling, and tenderness of one or more salivary glands, usually the parotoid gland. mumps
A viral disease with a sudden onset of a high fever for 3 to 4 days during which time the child may experience mild coldlike symptoms and slight irritability. roseola infantum
A viral disease characterized by a face that appears as "slapped cheeks," a fiery red rash on the cheeks. erythema infectiosum
What is another name for mumps? infectious parotitis
An acute contagious disease characterized by sore throat, abrupt high fever, increased pulse, strawberry tongue, and punctiform bright red rash on the body. scarlet fever
Paroxysmal dyspnea , accompanied by wheezing caused by a spasm of the bronchial tubes by swelling of their mucous membrane. asthma
Is a congenital defect in which there is an open space between the nasal cavity and the upper lip. cleft lip and palate
A congenital heart defect characterized by a localized narrowing of the aorta. coarctation of the aorta.
A childhood disease characterized by a barking cough, suffocative and difficult breathing, and stridor. croup
Condition of undescended testicle. cryptorchidism
A congenital defect in which the urethra opens on the upper side of the penis at some point near the glans. epispadias
A congenital condition characterized by multiple defects and varying degrees or mental retardation. down syndrome
Generalized growth retardation of the body due to the deficiency of the human growth hormone. dwarfism
A proportional overgrowth of the body's tissue due to the hypersecretion of the human growth hormone before puberty. gigantism
An accumulation of fluid in any saclike cavity or duct, particularly the scrotal sac or along the spermatic cord. hydrocele
A congenital defect in which the urethra opens on the underside of the penis instead of at the end. hypospadias
Telescoping of a portion of proximal intestine into distal intestine usually in the ileocecal region causing an obstruction. intussusception
A congenital defect of the central nervous system in which the back portion of one or more vertebrae is not closed. spina befida occulta
A congenital disorder caused by altered lipid metabolism due to an enzyme deficiency. tay-sachs disease
A tightness of the foreskin of the penis of the male infant that prevents it from being pulled back. phimosis
An outward protrusion of the intestine through a weakness in the abdominal wall around the umbilicus. umbilical hernia
The completely unexpected and unexplained death of an apparently well, or virtually well, infant. sudden infant death syndrome.
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