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Hamilton - S E

Hamilton - Southern Europe

plateau flat land with higher elevation than plain
dry farming method in which the land is left unplanted every few years so that it can store moisture
navigable describes a body of water wide and deep enough to allow the passage of ships
colony overseas territory or settlement tied to a parent country
parliamentary republic government in which voeters elect representatives to a lawmaking body, which chooses a prime minister to head the government
dialect local form of language that differs from the main language in pronunciation or the meaning of words
sirocco hot, dry winds that blow across Italy from North Africa
city-state city and its surrounding countryside
Renaissance period of great achievement in art and learning that began in Italy in the 1300s and spread throughout Europe
coalition government government in which two or more political parties work together to run a country
pope head of the Roman Catholic Church
mainland the major part of a country
elevation height above sea level
suburb smaller community that surrounds a city
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