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Lesson 5


abreast alongside
affectation airs, pretense
ally confederate, affiliate, associate
anonymous unnamed, unknown, innominate
anticipate foresee, forecast, foretell, predict
archaic primitive, ancient, antiquated, antique
aspect appearance, look, countenance
behavior conduct
ceaseless constant, uninterrupted, eternal
change alter, vary, turn, convert, metamorphose, transform
confederacy ally, alliance, confederation
cut sever, chop
disturbance agitation, disorder, confusion
elucidate clarify, clear up, enlighten, shed light on
encroachment invasion, intrusion
entice allure, tempt, seduce
equivocally ambiguously
exterminate extirpate, annihilate, eradicate
fortify strengthen, reinforce
frightful horrible, dreadful, fearful, awful
immunity exemption, impunity
improve enhance, refine, enrich, better, ameliorate
in retrospect looking back
lose sight of forget
nuts and bolts basics, practical details
permit let, allow
radical fundamental, basic, extreme, drastic, revolutionary
reference allusion, mention
sparse scanty, meager, scarce, limited
sting smart, hurt
support assist, back, advocate, maintain, sustain, provide for, take care of
tangible material, concrete, real, substantial
tolerate endure, stand, bear
train aim, head
unambiguous clear, distinct, definite
virtually in effect, practically, nearly
wary distrustful, cautious, heedful, alert
wealth affluence, abundance, profusion
Created by: ldinkle
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