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Lesson 4

TOEFL Vocabulary

achieve accomplish, perform, effect
anchor hold in place, secure, fasten
attribute ascribe, impute, refer, quality, trait, characteristic
brisk active, vigorous, energetic
codify classify, arrange, systematize
consummate superb, complete
descent falling, origin, blood, lineage
disseminate spread out, distribute, scatter
earn acquire, attain, win
emergence rise, appearance, advent
facilitate make more available
fervent passionate, ardent, earnest
fine slight, subtle, delicate, thin
frivolous trivial, trifling, petty, unimportant
giant ogre
golden age a period of great achievement
grasp grip, clutch, grab, seize, catch, understand, comprehend, apprehend
hamstrung disabled, crippled, lame, ineffective, powerless
haphazard random, casual, unplanned, chance
incidental minor, secondary, accidental, casual
initiate start, begin, originate, commence, inaugurate
make up invent
manifold various, multiple, diverse
obliterate delete, erase, efface, eradicate, wipe out
period time, age, era, epoch
proceed advance, progress
procure obtain, gain, secure, acquire
professional specialized, adept, expert
redundancy superfluity, extra capacity, wordiness
responsible charged, liable, accountable, answerable
sharp keen, pointed, shrewd, sudden, abrupt, rapid
supplement add to, extension, extra, addition
suspend defer, postpone, delay, procrastinate, interrupt, cease, arrest, stop, hang, dangle, sling
tailored adapted, fitted
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