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Haney medterm c22-13

What kind of medicine is given by the mouth and swallowed? Oral medication
Where is the sublingual medication placed? under the tounge
What medicine is one that in placed in the mouth next to the cheek; it is in a tablet form? a buccal medication
What is the name for the medications that are sprayed or inhaled into the nose, throat and lungs? inhalation
________medications are those inserted into the rectum and slowly absorbed onto the mucous membrane lining of the rectum. rectal
This is the kind of medication inserted into the vagina. vaginal
What kind of medication is applied directly to the skin or mucous membrane for a local effect to the area? A topical medication
What is the method of applying a drug to unbroken skin? transdermal method
What kind of medication is injected the medication into the body using a needle and syringe? parenteral
What is a small amount of medication is injected just beneath the epidermis? intradermal
What kind of medication is injected directly into the muscle? intramuscular
What medication is injected directly into the vein, entering the bloodstream immediately? intravenous
Where is subcutaneous medication injected? into the subcutaneous layer, or fatty tissue, of the skin
What is tolerance? the resistance to the effect of a drug.
When does cumulation occur? when a drug is not completely excreted from the body before another dose is given
What is an unusual, inappropriate response to a drug? idiosncrasy
What occurs when two drugs administered together produce a more powerful response than the sum of their individual effects? potentiation
What is an example of a sever idiosyncratic reaction to a drug or its dosage? anaphylactic shock
What is it called when the effect is on the whole body? systemic effect
What is the easiest, safest and most economical method of taking a medication? orally
What is the disadvantage or rectal medication? absorption is slow and irregular.
How are local anesthetics administered? injected into the subcutaneous layer
What kind of injections are used for allergy testing? Intradermal injections
What kind of injections are used when medication is needed quickly and when need over a period of time? Intravenous injections
What is an adverse reaction? a reaction when the body reacts to a drug in an unexpected way that may endanger a patient's health and safety
Created by: Kelseya