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Medical Terminology

Mucus Fluid secreted by the mucous membranes
Laceration A torn or jagged wound or an accidental cut wound
Triage The medical screening of patients to determine their priority of needs
Perinatal Refers to the time and events surrounding birth
myel/o Bone marrow or spinal cord
pyr/o Fever
-ostomy Surgical creation of an artificial opening
-malacia Abnormal softening
cyan/o Blue
erythr/o Red
leuk/o White
melan/o Black
poli/o Gray
-centesis Surgical puncture to remove fluid
-graphy Process of producing a picture or record
-gram Picture or record
-plasty Surgical repair
-scopy Visual examination
lateral Body direction 'toward the side of the body, away from the midline'
caudal Body direction 'toward the lower part of body'
anterior Body direction 'situated in the front'
atresia The congenital absence of a normal body opening
histology The study of the structures, composition, and function of the tissues
dorsal , ventral 2 major body cavities
endocrine glands Secrete hormones into the bloodstream
peritoneum The multilayered membrane that protects and holds organs in place in the abdominal cavity
vector-borne Diseases transmitted through animals and insects
adipose tissue Provides protective padding, insulation and support
pandemic A worldwide outbreak of disease
nosocomial infection Acquired in a clinical setting
immobilization AKA stabilization
epidemiologist Specialist who studies the outbreaks of diseases within a population group
exudate Fluid, such as pus, that leaks out of an infected wound
etiology The study of the causes of diseases
aplasia The defective development or congenital absence of an organ or tissue
myoplasty The surgical repair of a muscle
autopsy A postmortem examination
myopathy Any pathologic change or disease of muscle tissue
suppuration The formation or discharge of pus
cytologist A specialist in the study of and analysis of cells
rheumatologist Specialist who diagnoses and treats arthritis and other joint inflammations
arthrolysis The surgical loosening of an ankylosed joint
myorrhaphy Surgical suturing of a muscle wound
umbilicus The belly button or navel
abdominocentesis A surgical puncture of the abdominal cavity to remove fluid
congenital disorder An abnormal condition that exists at the time of birth
pathologist Specialist who analyzes tissue samples to confirm or establish a diagnosis
talipes AKA clubfoot - Any congenital deformity of the foot involving the talus
inguinal Means 'relating to the groin' and refers to the entire lower abdominal area
arterionecrosis Tissue death of an artery or arteries
synovectomy The surgical removal of synovial membrane from a joint
homeostasis The body maintains a constant internal environment through this process
myorrhexis Rupture of a muscle
adenoma Benign tumor that arises in glandular tissue
adenosis Any gland disease or condition
adenosclerosis Abnormal hardening of a gland
adenitis Inflammation of a gland
adenomalacia Abnormal softening of a gland
ankylosis Loss or absence of mobility in a joint
phalanges The bones of the fingers
arthrodesis The surgical fusion of 2 bones to stiffen a joint
ethimoid bone Light, spongy bone located at the roof and sides of the nose
crepitation The grating sound heard when the ends of broken bone move together
foramen An opening in a bone through which blood vessels, nerves, and ligaments pass through
traction A pulling force exerted on a limb in an effort to restore normal bone alignment
scapula The shoulder blade
coccyx The tailbone, forms the bottom of the spine
craniostenosis Malformation of the skull due to premature closure of cranial sutures
diaphysis The shaft of a long bone
periostitis Inflammation of the periosteum
osteomyelitis Inflammation of the bone marrow and adjacent bone
periosteotomy An incision through the periosteum to the bone
chondromalacia Abnormal softening of cartilage
pyelitis Inflammation of the renal pelvis
lordosis AKA swayback - An abnormal curvature of the lumbar spine
osteoclasis The surgical fracture of a bone to correct its deformity
osteopenia Bone density that is thinner than average
metatarsals 5 form the part of the foot to which the toes are attached
subluxation The partial displacement of a bone from its joint
chondroplasty Surgical repair of damaged cartilage
fibula The smaller of the 2 bones of the lower leg
chondroma A slow-growing benign tumor derived from cartilage cells
laminectomy The surgical removal of a lamina or posterior portion of a vertebra
scoliosis An abnormal lateral curvature of the spine
cranioplasty Surgical repair of the skull
meniscus The curved fibrous cartilage found in some joints, such as the knee
osteorrhaphy The surgical suturing or wiring together of bones
acetabulum AKA hip socket - The circular cavity in each side of the pelvis
ostealgia Bone pain
osteonecrosis Death in bone tissue
osteitis Inflammation of a bone
osteomalacia Softening of bones
osteoporosis Loss of bone density
comminuted fracture Bone is splintered or crushed
stress fracture Small crack due to chronic excessive impact
pathologic fracture Weakened bone breaks under normal strain
greenstick fracture Bone is bent and only partially broken
oblique fracture A break at an angle across the bone
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