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Med Terms-Suffixes

Suffixes, prefixes and comb forms

intra- within
dia- between; through; complete
ana- up; apart
ex- out, out from
infra- below; inferior to
para- beside; along side, near
ab- away from
ultra- beyond; in excess
poster/o- posterior, behind, toward the back
contra- against; opposite
ect/o- outside; outward
per- through
super- above; upper, excessive
inter- between
ad- to; toward
ante- before; in front of; forward
de- lack of; down; away from
peri- around; surrounding
ec- out, out from
extra- outside; outward
meta- change; beyond, after, over
pachy- thick
tetra- four
dys- painful; difficult; bad
amphi- both sides
hydr/o- water
dipl/o- double; two-fold
mal- bad
dextr/o- right side
epi- upon; above
pan- all
syn- together; with, joined
primi- first
an- without; lack of
auto- self
medi- middle
tachy- fast
dipl- double; two-fold
multi- many, much
sub- under, below
meso- middle
ambi- both
sinistr/o- left side
retro- behind; backward
pseud/o- false
im- not; in
anti- against
com- together
quad- four
ex/o- outside, outward
mon/o- one
homo- same
poly- many, much
mid- middle
post- after; behind
macro- large; visible to the naked eye
re- back; again
semi- part of; half
pro- before
endo- within
brady- slow
ar- without; lack of
sym- together; with, joined
hyper- above, excessive; beyond
con- together
di- two
hyper- below; deficient; under
bi- two
in- not, in
neo- new
hemi- half
co- together
tri- three
pre- before; in front of
em- in
cata- down
micro- small; not visible to the naked eye
en- in
trans- through, across
anter/o- front
is/o- equal
later/o- side
anis/o- unequal; dissimilar
hidr/o- sweat
uni- one
circum- around
a- without; lack of
dors/o- back
heter/o- different
scler/o- hard
quadri- four
tuber- swelling
ur/o- urine
crypt/o- hidden
meat/o- meatus
albumin/o- albumin
ureter/o- ureter
bacteri/o- bacteria
noct/o- night
py/o- pus
cyst/o- bladder
glomerul/o- glomerulus
ren/o- kidney
vesic/o- bladder
nephr/o- kidney
urethr/o- urethra
pyle/o- renal pelvis
olig/o- scanty
-genesis forming, producing, origin
ket/o-, keton/o- ketones, acetone
azot/o- urea, nitrogen
medull/o- medulla
cortic/o- cortex
cali/o calyx, calyces
gluco- sugar
glyco- sugar
cephal/o- head
brachi- arm
chole- bile; gall
carp- wrist
cheil- lip
cerebr/o- brain
cervico- neck
cholangi/o- bile duct
chir/o- hand
chlor/o- green
ather/o- plaque; fatty substance
auro/o- ear
bi/o- life
arteri/o- artery
acr/o- extremity
aden/o- gland
albin/o- white
blephar/o- eyelid
ambly/o- dimness
andr/o- male
angi/o- vessel
cardi/o- heart
arthr/o- joint
coron/o- heart
dips/o- thirst
cyan/o- blue
cyst/o- cyst, bladder, sac
cyt/o- cell
gen/o- producing; produced by
derm/o-, dermat/o- skin
cost/o- rib
cholecyst/o- gallbladder
chondr/o- cartilage
dacry/o- tear
colp, colp/o- vagina
erythr/o- red
estr/o- female
gastr/o- stomach
enter/o- small intestine
gloss/o- tongue
dactyl/o- fingers, toes
cis/o- to cut
gynec/o- female
encephal/o- brain
mening/o- membrane
ment- mind
metr/o- uterus
my/o- muscle
lacrim/o- tear
hyster/o- uterus
myel/o- bone marrow, spinal cord
is/o- equal
leuk/o- white
lip/o- fat
onc/o- tumor
neur/o- nerve
lith/o- stone, calculus
mamm/o- breast
inguin/o- groin
hem/o-, hemat/o- blood
mast/o- breast
hepat/o- liver
hist/o- tissue
port/o- liver
proct/o- rectum
somat/o- body
phleb/o- vein
proxim/o- toward; nearer
pyr/o- fever; fire
vas/o- vessel
rhin/o- nose
spondyl/o- vertebrae
ophthalm/o- eye
orchid/o- testes
ventr/o- belly side of the body
ot/o- ear
ped- foot
oste/o- bone
steth/o- chest
viscer/o- internal organs
ven/o- vein
phag/o- eat
salping/o- tube
juxta- near
uni- one
myc/o- fungus
vir/o- virus
coccyg/o coccyx
illi/o- illium
mega-, megal/o- large
rachi/o- spine
syring/o- tube
ammon/o- ammonium
urin/o- urine
aneurysm/o- aneurysm
aort/o- aorta
arteriol/o- arteriole
atri/o- atrium
embol/o- embolus
isch/o suppress, restrain
palpitat/o- flutter
presby/o- aging
valv/o-, valvul/o- valve
varic/o- varicose veins
ventricul/o- ventricle of the heart, or brain
venul/o- venule
phren/o- diaphragm
col/o-, colon/o- colon
esophag/o- esophagus
or/o- mouth
nas/o- nose
rect/o- rectum
granul/o- granules
kal/i- potassium
neutr/o- neutral
norm/o- normal
poikil/o- irregular, varied
eosin/o- red, rosy
thromb/o- blood clot
toxic/o- poison
cutane/o- skin
kerat/o- cornea, horny tissue
onych/o- nail
trich/o- hair
ungu/o- nail
alveol/o- alveoli
bronch/o- bronchus
bronchiol/o- bronchiole
capn/o- carbon dioxide
ox/o- oxygen
coni/o- dust, pollutant
anthrac/o- coal dust
epiglott/o- epiglottis
laryng/o- larynx
lob/o- lobe
mediastin/o- mediastinum
pector/o- chest
phas/o- speech
phon/o- voice, sound
phren/o- diaphragm, mind
pleur/o- pleura
pneum/o-- lung, air
pneumon/o- lung, air
pulmon/o- lung
sept/o septum, partition
sinus/o- sinus cavity
spir/o- breathe
therm/o- heat
thorac/o- chest
trache/o- trachea
asthen/o- weakness
muscul/o- muscle
acous/o- hearing
acoust/o- hearing, sound
audi/o- hearing
cochle/o- cochlea
conjunctiv/o conjunctiva
cor/o- pupil
ir/o-, irid/o- iris
myring/o- eardrum
ocul/o- eye
phac/o, phak/o- lens
phot/o- light
pupill/o- pupil
retin/o- retina
scler/o sclera
staped/o stapes
tympan/o- eardrum
uve/o- uvea
vitri/o- vitreous body, glassy
adenoid/o- adenoids
axill/o- armpit
splen/o- spleen
lymph/o- lymph
tonsill/o- tonsils
pharyng/o- pharynx
atel/o- incomplete, imperfect
oxy/o- oxygen
sphygm/o- pulse
cholesterol/o- cholesterol
hemangi/o- blood vessel
ab- away from
ana- up
scler- hard
eu- good, normal
denti-, odonto- tooth, teeth
glauc/o- gray
iatr/o relationship to a MD,physician; medicine
aer/o- air
carcin/o- Ca, cancerous
caud/o- tail
chem/o chemical, drug
chrom/o- color
ichthyl/o- scaly, dry
kary/o nucleus
kinesi/o movement
lumb/o lower back
melang/o- black
mening/o- membrane
ortho- straight, upright
poikio- variable, irregular
psych/o- mind
rachi/o spine
radi/o- x-rays
top/o- place, position, location
inhal- to breathe in
cric- ring (cricoid cartilage)
-algia pain
-lith stone, calculus
-ia condition
-crit to separate
-arche beginning
-capnia carbon dioxide
-desis fixation, binding (of bone,joint)
-gen born, or producing
-ase enzyme
-dynia pain
-kinesis movement, motion
-itis inflammation
-ist one who specializes
-asthenia weakness
-cele hernia, protrusion, swelling
-icle small
-glia glue
-emia blood
-centesis puncture
-cide to kill
-ecstasis dilation, stretching, expansion
-clasis break, fracture
-cusis hearing
-ic pertaining to
-globin protein
-clysis injection
-cyte cell
-iasis abnormal condition (produced by something specific)
-cyesis pregnancy
-ectomy removal, excision
-gnosis knowledge
-emesis vomiting
-gram record, a writing
-logist specialist (in the study of)
-malacia softening
-graph instrument for recording
-pnea breathing
-oid like, resembling
-plegia paralysis
-graphy process of recording
-y process
-logy study of
-mania madness
-ole small
-para to bear offspring
-rrhage, rrhagia burst forth
-oma tumor
-megaly enlargement
-metry act of measuring
-paresis partial paralysis
-plasm formation
-sclerosis hardening
-rrhexis rupture
-opia vision
-version to turn
-pexy fixation; to put in place (of an organ)
-ula, -ule small
-osis abnormal (morbid) condition; increase (as with blood cells)
-pathy disease, emotion
-ptysis spitting
-rrhea flow, discharge
-trophy nourishment, development
-scope instrument for visual examination
-stomy new opening, forming an opening
-metry act of measuring
-mnesia memory
-penia deficiency, decrease
-phagia eat, swallow
-rraphy suture
-plegia paralysis
-tripsy crushing
-scopy visual inspection
-meter instrument for measuring
-phasia speech
-ptosis drooping, prolapse, downward displacement
-philia attraction for
-toxic poison
-spasm involuntary contraction, twitching
-phobia fear of
-phonia sound, voice
-plasia development; formation, growth
-poiesis formation, production
-stasis stopping, control, standing still
-stenosis narrowing, stricture
-plasy surgical repair
-therapy treatment
-tomy incision, cutting into
-tome instrument for cutting
-phoresis borne, carried
-stitial pertaining to space
-blast embryonic cell
blast/o- embryonic cell
agranul/o- without granules
spher/o- sphere
immun/o- immunity, safe
reticul/o- net, mesh
thym/o- thymus
morph/o- shape
bas/o- base, basic
nucle/o- nucleus
sider/o- iron
thrombocyt/o- platelet
-algesia pain
calc/o- calcium
-uria urine
-chrome color
-tension pressure
-manometer instrument to measure pressure
Reticulocyte immature red blood cell
-osmia smell
-plakia plate
scirr/o- hard
sarc/o- flesh
onc/o- tumor, mass
bast/o- embryonic
cry/o- frozen
papill/o- wart; nipple-like protuberance or elevation
leiomy/o- smooth visceral muscle
kerat/o- nucleus
rrhabdomyo striated skeletal muscle
labyrinth/o maze, labyrinth, inner ear
mastoid/o- mastoid process
salping/o- eustachian tube, oviduct
staped/o- stapes
tympang/o- tympanic membrane
acous/o- hearing
bar/o- pressure, weight
cerumin/o- cerumen, ear wax
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