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Vocab 05/12/16 H.T.

Health Tech Vocab Words

Perineal Care cleansing the genital and rectal area
Tympanic Thermometer device used to measure temperature
Validation Therapy technique used to help individuals feel good about themselves
Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 law that regulates the education and certification of nursing assistants in acute care and long term care facilities
NPO (nothing by mouth) a medical instruction meaning to with hold all food and fluids from a patient
Hypotension low blod pressure
Hypertension high blood pressure
Bradycardia below average heart rate
tachycardia abnormally high heart rate
Dorsal Flexion flexion of the foot in an upward direction
Diagnosis Related Group methods used to determine the number of hospital days required specific illness by medicare
patient advocate an individual who pleads for and preserves a patients rights for health care
plantar flexion flexion of the foot in an downwards direction
abduction moving away from the mid-line or body
Ombudsman an official pointed to investigate individuals complaints against administration
adduction movement towards the mid-line or center
fomite ANY object contaminated with germs
advanced directives document stating a persons wishes during/before a terminal illness
DNR Do Not Resuscitate
Care Plan nursing plan for care of a resident in a long term care facility
Power Of Attorney the authority to act for another person in specified or all legal or financial matters
Leukemia a malignant disease in the blood forming tissues of the body
Stethescope instrument used in auscultation to make the sounds audible
Sphygmomanometer instrument used to measure blood pressre
Rales abnormal respiratory sound heard in the chest
rhonci low pitched rattling sounds heard in the chest
stridor a harsh vibrating noise when breathing
wheezing breathing with a whistling or rattling sounds in the chest
atelectasis complete or partial collapse of the lung
dyspnea difficult or labored breathing
prosthesis artificial substitute(s) for a missing body parts
hypchondriasis abnormal concern about one's health
dementia progressive mental deterioration due to an organic brain disease
receptive aphasia an aphasia where a person cannot understand spoken or written language
gait belt goes around a patients waist to help them ambulate(walk)
hemovac drain used to remove excess blood and fluid from a surgical incision sight
expressive aphasia unable to express or show (coherently) their thoughts and emotions
disposbale intended to be used once or until no longer useful
genitalia external reproductive organs
carbohydrate energy from foods used to produce working energy
dentures false (fake) teeth
minerals an inorganic chemical compound found in nature and used by the body
contracture permanent shortening of a muscle
feces waste matter discharged from bowel after food
I/O (intake and output) recording the amount of intake and about
IV nourishment given through a sterile tube into a vein
axilla armpit
cuticle base of finger nail
anaerobe organism that does not require oxygen to grow
spores typically one-celled reproductive organism without sexual fusion
autoclave machine that sterilizes articles
aerobes a microorganism that grows in the presence of air and requires oxygen for growth
staphylococci spherical shaped bacteria that forms in irregular clusters
medical asepsis procedure followed to keep germs from being spread
pathogens any disease producing agent especially a virus or bacterium
bacteria form of simple microbes
protozoa one-celled microbe that causes malaria and diarrhea
bacilli a disease causing bacteria; rod shaped
toxins microbes that produce poisons that travel to the central nervous system
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