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medical term c22

Haney Medterm c 22-16

Adverse reaction The body's reaction to a drug in an unexpected way that may endanger a patient's health and safety.
Bacteriostatic Stopping or controlling the growth of bacteria.
Brand name The name under which the drug is sold by a specific manufacturer. This name is owned by the manufacturer and no other company may use that name. Each brand name carries a registered trademark symbol.
Buccal medication Medication that is placed in the mouth next to the cheek, where it is absorbed into the mucous membrane lining of the mouth.
Chemical name The description of the chemical structure of the drug.
Cumulation A drug level begins to accumulate in the body with repeated doses because the drug is not completely excreted from the body before another dose is administered.
Desired effect The effect that was intended.
Drug Any substance that, when taken into the body, may modify one or more of its functions.
Drug action Describes how a drug produces changes within the body.
Drug effect Describes the change that takes place in the body as a result of drug action.
Inhalation medication Medication that is sprayed or breathed into the nose,throat,and lungs. It is absorbed into the mucous membrane lining of the nose and throat and by the alveoli of the lungs.
Intradermal medication Medication that is insered just beneath the epidermis using a syringe and needle.
Intramuscular medication Medication that is injected directly into the muscle.
Intravenous medication Medication that is injected directly into the vein,entering the blood stram immediately.
Parenteral medication Medication that is injected into the body using a needle and syringe.
Pharmacology The field of medicine that specializes in the study of their sources, appearance, chemistry, and uses.
Potentiation The effect that occurs when two drugs administered together produce a more powerful response than the sum of their individual effects.
Side effect An additional effect on the body by a drug that was not part of the goal for that medcation. Nausea is a common example.
Subcutaneous medication Medication that is injected into the subcutaneous layer, or fatty tissue, of the skin.
Sublingual medication Medication that is placed under the tongue, where it dissolves in the patient's saliva and is quickly absorbed through the mucous membrane lining of the mouth.
Therapeutic dose The dose of a medication that achieves the desired effect.
Tolerance The body's resistance to the effect of a drug.
Topical medication Medication that is applied directly to the skin or mucous membrane for a local effect to the area.
Toxicology The study of poisons, their detection, their effects, and establishing antidotes and methods of treatment for conditions they produce.
Vaginal medication Medication that is inserted into the vagina; may by in the form of a suppository, cream, foam, or tablet.
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