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Acute, contagious respiratory disease characterized by fever, chills, headache, and myalgia. Influenza
What stage of Lyme Disease is where the symptoms affect the central nervous system. Stage 2
The treatment choice in all three stages of ____ _______ is the use of antibiotics and/or parenteral penicillin. Lyme Disease
Rubella is also known as ______ _______. German Measles
Highly communicable disease whose diagnostic signs are fever and the appearance of a characteristic rash. Measles (Rubeola)
Varicella zoster is also known as __________. Chickenpox
The largest group of neoplasms. Carcinomas
Less common than carcinomas, arise from supportive and connective tissue such as bone, fat, muscle, and cartilage. Sarcomas
Which grade of neoplasms are tumor cells well differentiated, and closely resemble normal parent tissue? Grade 1
What does the letter O stand for in the word CAUTION? Obvious change in a wart or mole.
Condition marked by too much cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain. Hydrocephalus
Hirschsprung's Disease is also known as what? Congenital Aganglionic Megacolon
Carditis involves what layers of the heart? Any or all layers of the heart
Sacklike membrane that surrounds and protects the heart muscle. pericardium
Inflammation of the membrane lining the valves and chambers of the heart Endocarditis
Disease where the blood from the left ventricle flows back into the left atrium. Mitral insufficiency
Heart murmurs may be caused by... Blood forcing its way through a narrowed valve, and dilation of the heart
How many levels are heart murmurs graded on? 6
A systolic murmur often occurs in _______. Tricuspid insufficiency
What is it called when blood flows back into the right atrium from the right ventricle? Tricuspid insufficiency
Every 24 hours the heart pumps ____ quarts of blood. 7200
Persistently elevated blood pressure that develops without apparent cause. Essential hypertension
Systolic pressure is __mmHG. 40
Diastolic pressure is __mmHG. 90
Endocarditis is known as what? Infective and bacterial endocarditis
Hypertension means High blood pressure
Drooping eyelids are a symptom of? Myasthenia Gravis
Infection of bone forming tissue Ostepmyelitis
Inflammation of a tendon or tendon-muscle attachment to bone Tendonitis
Inflammation of the bursa Burstitis
Osteoporosis is common in women who are __ years old and older. 50
Valvular stenosis is when the valve is too ______. narrow
Myocardial infarction is also known as heart attack
If an embolus lodges in the brain, it can cause ________. paraysis
Petechiae means subcutaneous ruptures
Which disease is common in women 50 and older, postmenopausal, small-boned, and Northern European background. Osteoporosis
What does the word PAIN mean? Place of pain, Amount of pain, Interactions, and Neutralizers
What are predisposing factors for disease? Age, sex, heredity, and enviornment
What are signs and symptoms with inflammation? Redness, swelling, pain, heat, and loss of function
Smallest of microoraganisms viruses
Rod-shaped bacteria Bacillus
Spiral shaped bacteria Spirillum
Dot shaped bacteria Coccus
What is painful intercourse called? Dyspareunia
Inability of a man to achieve full erection Erectile dysfunction
Most prevalent sexually transmitted diseases in the United States Gonorrhea
Protozoal infestation of the vagina, urethra, or prostate Trichomoniasis
Prostatitis is more common in men older than __ years of age. 50
Inflammation of the testes due to infection. Orchitis
Malignant neoplasm of the prostate tissue Prostatic cancer
Signs and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome Irritability, sleeplessness, fatigue, depression, headaches, and vertigo.
Absence of menarache beyond age 16 Amenorrhea
Pain associated with menstruation Dysmenorrhea
Cessation of menses and ovarian function Menopause
Occurs when the fertilized ovum implants and grows somewhere other than the uterine cavity Ectopic pregnancy
Early rupture of the amniotic sac Premature labor
Most common stomach ailment Gastritis
Inflammation of the stomach and small intestine Gastroenteritis
Inflammation of the vermiform appendix Acute appendicitis
Dilated, tortuous veins in the mucous membrane of the anus or rectum Hemorrhoids
Small, pouchlike herniation in the intestinal wall Diverticula
Frequent passage of feces Diarrhea
Chronic, disfiguring, life-shortening disease characterized by the overgrowth of bones and soft tissues Acromegaly
Causes fluid filled sacs or cysts in teh renal pelvis, usually asymptomatic until midlife Polycystic kidney failure
Predisposing factor for testicular cancer Cryptorchidism
What is gastroenteritis also known as? Traveler's diarreha
Fifth leading cause of cancer deaths. Signs and symptoms are abdominal pain, anorexia, weight loss, and blood glucose abnormalities. Pancreatic cancer
Treatment of celiac sprue Gluten free diet
Crohn's disease most often affects the _____. Ileum
Acute stomatitis is caused by? Herpes simplex type 1
Term for sexual intercourse Coitus
Signs and symptoms are bloody diarrhea, with pus and mucus Ulcerative Colitis
Dilated tortuous beins in anal or rectal mucous membranes are Hemorrhoids
Leading cuase of chromic pancreatitits Alcholism
Confirms cryptochidism Serum gonadotropin
Pregnancy failure after one year Infertility
Men usually get testicular cancer before the age of __. 40
How is colorectal cancer diagnosed? Fecal occult blood testing
Projectile vomiting in an infant in the second or fouth week after birth Pyloric stenosis
70% success for erectile dysfunction Viagra
What test is used to diagnose infertility? Huhner test
What is the definitibe method of diagnosing crohn's disease? Through a biopsy of the affected side
The etiology of cerebral palsy includes ________ diabetes. Maternal
About __% of couples in the US are infertile 20
Aphthous stomatitis is caused by unkown factors
Rheumatic fever includes testing for ASO, WBC, ESR
Rheumatic fever tends to be recurrent in _ years. 5
Leading case of death in women over 40 and has a poor prognosis. Lung Cancer
Pleuritic pain indicates Pericarditis
Complication of influenza-caused pneumonia Lung abscess
What causes migraines? Blood flow disruption
A positive TB testing means isolation for _ year. One
Air in pleural cavity Pneumothorax
Pneumonia is caused by Viruses, bacteria, protozoa, or rickettsiae.
Infectious mono is caused by Epstein Barr virus
True or false: Cor pulmonale can be chronic? True
Diabetes mellitus is caused by Obesity
Signs and symptoms include acne, moon shaped face and a grossly exaggerated head Cushings syndrome
Treatment for diabetes mellitus Diet, exercise, and insulin
Usually fatal after one year of diagnosis acute myeloblastic leukemia
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