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ALH Final

Suffix indicates procedure, condition, disease or part of speech
phlebostenosis narrowing of a vein
trophy development, nourishment
dys bad
penia decrease, deficiency
hemmorhage rupture
ateriorrhexis rupture of an artery
rrhexis rupture
arthroscopy visual examination of a joint
hyperemesis excessive vomiting
osteo bones
genesis forming
osteogenesis forming, producing or origin of bone
cardiograph instrument for recording activity of the heart
double vision diplopia
epi above
primigravida first pregnancy
retroperitoneal behind the peritoneum
kidneys are _______ retroperitoneal
neoplastic disorder cancer
cauterization to destroy tissue by electricity, freezing, heat or corrosive chemicals
impetigo inflammatory skin disease characterized by isolated pustules that become crusted and rupture
dermatomucosis fungal infection of the skin
keratolytics medications used to destroy the outer layer of skin
halitosis offensive bad breathe
acites swelling of the abdominal cavity with fluid
eupepsia normal digestion
intussusception telescoping of the intestine within itself
antitussive medication used to suppress a cough
expectorant makes you cough and expel
antihistamine relieves allergies
brady slow
tachy fast
coryza head cold
epistaxis nosebleed
angina suffocating chest pain associated with coronary artery disease
phlebotomy incision of a vein to draw blood
regurgitation backflow of blood in the heart
pruritus extreme itching
anaphylaxis exaggerated, life-threatening hypersensitivity reaction to a previously encountered antigen
autoimmunity body attacks itself
anemia major disorder characterized by a reduction in the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood
lordosis and swayback The abnormal, inward curvature of the spine
scoliosis The lateral curvature of the spine
plantar flexion An action that lowers the foot and points the toes
coccyx aka tailbone
claudication lameness or limping
urine is expelled from the body via urethra
fistula abnormal passage from an internal organ to the body surface or between two internal organs
azotemia condition in which there are excess amounts of urea, creatinine and uric acid in the blood
anuria cannot urinate
hypernatremia too much sodium
postnatal after birth
preconception before conception
cyesis pregnancy
D&C expansion of the cervix and scraping of the uterine cavity
IUD intrauterine device
PID pelvic inflammatory disease
exophtalmos disorder caused by the hyper-secretion from the thyroid gland
hirsutism abnormal hairiness
thyrotomy incision of the thyroid gland
TIA associated with stroke symptoms that resolve within 24 hours
CVD cardiovascular disease
bradykinesia slow movement
stroke aka CVA
vertigo hallucination of movement or a feeling of spinning or dizziness
cochlea snail-shaped structure of the inner ear
sulcus groove or furrow
foss longitudinal depression
condyle rounded artificial surface at the extremity of the bone
tuberosity large, rounded process on a bone
articulation joining or connecting together
subluxation partial or incomplete dislocation
femor/o combining form for thighbone
casts solidified protein fragments shaped like the tubules in which they form
nephroliths kidney stones
nephropexy surgical procedure that is a suspension or fixation of a floating or moveable kidney
enuresis inability to control urination
Created by: Gianna B
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