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body structure 4


lumb/o lower back
cervic/o neck of uterus
poster/o behind
dors/o back
anter/o front
viscer/o internal organ
poli/o gray
pilo hair
melan black
-cyte cell
inguin/o groin
abdomin/o abdomen
medi/o middle
dist/o far
nucl/o, kary/o nucleus
fasci/o cause
onycho/o nail
dermat/o skin
sub under, below
hyper excessive, above
ili/o ilium
ventr/o belly
later/o side
crani/o skull
hist/o tissue
cirrh/o yellow
pil/o hair
adip fat
ichthy dry, caly
gastr/o stomach
proxim/o near
infer/o lower
caud/o tail
cyt/o cell
ad- toward
ulta- ecessive, beyond
an- without
dia- through, accross
hyperhrdosis excessive sweating
xanthocyte yellow cell
source or orgin of diease pathgenises
xeroderma dry skin
dermatomycosis fungal infection
anatomical postiton body is erect and looking forward
noninvasive method that uses radio waves and a strong magentic field MRI
epithelial tissue covers the surface of organs and skin
malaise symptom
example of neoplastic disorder cancer
corona plane divides the body into... 2 drosals and 2 verticals
neck region of spine cervical
cavity where lungs is located thoracic
morbis condition is one that is.... abnormal
example of a metabolic diease diabetes
study of the cause of dieases eithology
tomography produce the slice of an area
epitheical tissue is composed of cell that are.. arranged in a continus sheet of consisting one or more lyers
planes that divides the body into left and right halves midsagittal
plane that divide the body front and back coronal
febrile fever
suppurative producing pus
upper right abdominopelvic region beneath the ribs right hypochondraic
impetigo skin diease
where is corium located nerves, vessels,gland,floucles
primary function of the sebum prevent infection
tinea fungal skin diease, whom name commonly indicates the part of body
keratolytics thick area of epidemis
term for bedsores decubitus ucler
pallor unnatural paleness or absense of the skin
TMN system for staging tumor Tx
pantar warts is called by what virus
pediculosis is a skin infestation by lice
burn that damage the epidermis is 1st degree
fissure small slit thats crack the dermal area
metastasis invades tumor surronding tissue
carbuncle deep deated pyogenic infection of the skin usually involving subcutande tissue
cauterize destroy tissue with electricty
fluoroscopy x-ray through flurosent
morbid pertaing to diease
adhesion holds normal tissue together
symptom change in the body
idiopathic diease with an unknown cause
study of tissue histology
syudy of the body ina cellular level cytology
resection partial excision of a bone, organ, or other suture
systemic pertaing to entire body rather than one part
subaceous glands produce oil
verruca caused by virus, like warts
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