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Germany 1919-33

Nazi Rise and Consolidation of Power

When did the Kaiser abdicate? November 8th, 1918
When was an armistice agreed? November 11th, 1918
Why was the Weimar Constitution a failure? Coalition government, cold not reach a decision Frequent changes to government Proportional representation - more votes, more seats They signed the Treaty of Versailles
When was the Treaty of Versailles signed? June 28th, 1919
How much land did Germany lose? 13%
What was the impact on the army? Limited to 100,000 men forbidden to possess any tanks, heavy guns, aircraft or submarines Navy was limited to ships of less than 10,000 tons
What was the financial terms of the Treaty of Versailes? Germany had to accept full responsibility for the war and had to pay reparations of £6600 million
What were the political terms of the Treaty of Versailes? Germany had to take full responsibility for the war and was forbidden from joining the newly created League of Nations in January 1920
When was the "twenty-five point programme" written and by who? February 1920, Hitler and Anton Drexler
When did Hitler replace Drexler in the Nazi party? July 1921
What were the SA? Armed group of mostly ex-military men in charge of protecting Nazi speakers Lead by Rohm Referred to as brownshirts
When was the Kapp Putsch and what was it intending to do? 13 March 1920, intended to reverse the Treaty of Versailles
What happened when Germany couldn't pay the second reparation in 1923? French and Belgium troops marched into the Ruhr to take control of coalfields
When did hyperinflation start? November 1923
When was the Munich Putsch? 8-9th November, 1923
What happened in the Munich Putsch? Hitler and 600 SA men burst into a Beer hall in Bavaria, Munich at gunpoint and threatened Gustav von Kahr to support the Nazi takeover of Munich
How many SA men marched through Munich on November 9th? 2000
How many SA and police officers died in Munich? 16 SA and 4 police officers
When was Hitler put on trial for the Munich Putsch? February 26th until April 1st, 1924
Created by: jacellis1999