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1337-1453 100 Years' War
1347 Black Death
1350-1550 Renaissance
1492 Christopher Columbus lands in America
1490s-1660s Age of Exploration
1525-1648 Religious Wars
1560-1660 Height of European Witch Craft
1598 Edict of Nantes Issues
1682-1725 Peter the Great
1685 Edict of Nantes Revoked
1540-1700 Scientific Revolution
1690-1789 Enlightenment
1750-1850 Illegitimacy Explosion
1789-1799 French Revolution
1799-1815 Napoleonic Era
1765-1860s Industrial Revolution
1790-1840 Romanticism
1840-1890 Realism
1859-1870 Unification of Italy and Germany
1880-1900 Scramble for Africa
1914-1918 WWI
1917 Russian Revolution
1919 Paris Peace Conference
1921-22 Hyperinflation in Germany
1929-1939 Great Depression
1932-33 Famine in Ukraine
1935 Nuremburg Laws
1941-1945 Holocaust
1939-1945 WWII
1945-1960 Decolonization
1945-1989 Cold War
1961 Building of the Berlin Wall
1985 Gorbachev Elected
1989 Berlin Wall Falls
1989-1991 Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe
1991 Maastricht Treaty
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