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TSO Acronyms

189 IS

AADC Area Air Defense Commander
AAMDC Army Air and Missile Defense Command
ABN Airborne
ACA Airspace Control Authority
ACF Analysis, Correlation Fusion
ACM Airspace Control Measure
ACMREQ Airspace Control Measure Request (USMTF message)
ACO/ACP Airspace Control Order/ Airspace Control Plan
ACOC Air Combat Operations Center
ADCON Administrative Control
ADOCS Automated Deep Operations Coordination System
ADP Air Defense Plan
ADS Airspace Deconfliction System
AFDD Air Force Doctrine Document
AFFOR Air Force Forces
AFLE Air Force Liaison Element
AFSOC Air Force Special Operations Command
AFSOD Air Force Special Operations Detachment
AFSOE Air Force Special Operations Element
AFSOF Air Force Special Operations Forces
AIRREQSUP Air Request Support
AIRSUPREQ/ASR Air Support Request
ALLOREQ Air Allocation Request (USMTF message)
AMC Airborne Mission Commander/Coordinator
AMD Air Mobility Division
ANG Air National Guard
AOB Air Order of Battle, Advanced Operations Base
AOC Air Operations Center
AOD Air Operations Directive
AOR Area of Responsibility
ARN Air Request Net
ARSOA Army Special Operations Aviation
ARSOC Army Special Operations Command
ARSOF Army Special Operations Forces
ARSOTF Army Special Operations Task Force
ASD(SO/LIC) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict
ASOC Air Support Operations Center (conventional Army)
ASOS Air Support Operations Squadron (TACPs)
ATACMS Army Tactical Missile System
ATO Air Tasking Order
ATOC Air Terminal Operations Center, Allied Tactical Operations Center (NATO)
AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System
BAO Battlefield Airman Operations
BCD Battlefield Coordination Detachment
BCT Brigade Combat Team
BDA Battle Damage Assessment
BE Number Basic Encyclopedia Number
BFT Blue Force Tracker
BN Battalion
BUD/S Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL
C2 Command and Control
C3 Command, Control, and Communications
C3I Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
C4I Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence
CA Civil Affairs
CAA Combat Aviation Advisors
CAB Civil Affairs Battalion
CAF Combat Air Forces
CAO Civil Affairs Operations
CAP Crisis Action Planning
JFMCC Joint Force Maritime Component Commander
JGAT Guidance, Apportionment and Targeting (now known as TET)
JIC Joint Intelligence Center
JIOC Joint Information Operations Center
CAS Close Air Support
CBRNE Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High Yield Explosives
CBT Combating Terrorism
CCDR Combatant Commander
CCIR Commander's Critical Information Requirements
CCO Chief of Combat Operations
CCT Combat Control Team
CD Counter-Drug
CFF Call For Fire
CG Commanding General
CHOP Change of Operations Control
CI Counterintelligence
CJCS Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJSOAC Combined Joint Special Operations Air Component
CJSOTF Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force
CJTF Commander, Joint Task Force
CMA Collection Management Authority
COA/COAA Course(s) of Action/ Course of Action Approval
COC Combat Operations Center
COCOM Combatant Commander/Combatant Command(Command Authority)
COG Center of Gravity
COIN Counterinsurgency
COMAFSOF Commander, Air Force Special Operations Forces (In-Theater Component)
COMJTF Commander, Joint Task Force
COMSOC Commander, Special Operations Command (In-Theater Component)
CONOPS Concept of Operation
CONPLAN Operation Plan in Concept Format
CQB Close Quarters Battle
CRA Command Relations Agreement
CRC Command and Reporting Center
CRO Combat Rescue Officer
CSAR Combat Search and Rescue
CT Counter-Terrorism
CTAPS Contingency Theater Air Planning System (archaic)
CVBG Carrier Battle Group (Navy)
CWS Combat Weather Squadron
DA Direct Action
DAP Defensive Armed Penetrator
DCO Director of Combat Operations
DIRLAUTH Direct Liaison Authorized
DIRMOBFOR Director of Mobility Forces
DMPI Desired Mean Point of Impact
DNIF Duty Not Including Flying
DS Direct Support
DZ Drop Zone
E Escape and Evasion
EALT Earliest Anticipated Launch Time
ECM Electronic Counter Measures
EEFI Essential Elements of Friendly Information
ELINT Electronic Intelligence
EMCON Emissions Control
EOB Electronic Order of Battle
EPA Evasion Plan of Action
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
EW Early Warning
EWO Electronic Warfare Officer
EXORD Executive Order
FAC Forward Air Controller
FARP Forward Arming and Refueling Point
FDO Foreign Disclosure Officer
FID Foreign Internal Defense
ODA Operational Detachment- Alpha
ODB Operational Detachment- Bravo
OGA Other Government Agency
OPCON Operational Control
OPLAN Operation Plan
FLOT Forward Line of Troops
FM Field Manual (Army)
FOA Forward Operating Agency
FOB Forward Operating Base
FOL Forward Operating Location
FRAGORD Fragmentary Order
FSA Fire Support Area
FSB Forward Staging Base
FSCL Fire Support Coordination Line
FSCM Fire Support Coordination Measure
FSO Fire Support Officer
FW/RW Fixed Wing/Rotary Wing
GCC Geographic Combatant Commander
GCCS Global Command and Control System
GLO Ground Liaison Officer
GOB Ground Order of Battle
GPS Global Positioning System
GRG Grid Reference Guide
GS General Support
GWOT Global War on Terror
HA Humanitarian Assistance
HAHO High Altitude High Opening Parachute Technique
HALO High Altitude Low Opening Parachute Technique
HD/LD High Demand/Low Density
HIDACZ High-Density Airspace Control Zone
HLZ Helicopter Landing Zone
HN Host Nation
HPW High Performance Waveform
HUD Heads-Up Display
HUMINT Human Intelligence
HVAA High Value Airborne Asset
HVT High Value Target
HVU High Value Unit
IADS Integrated Air Defense System
IDAD Internal Defense and Development
IFF/SIF Identification, Friend or Foe/Selective Identification Feature
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions
IPB Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace
IPOE Intelligence Preparation of the Environment
ISOPREP Isolated Personnel Report
ISR Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance
IW Information Warfare
J1, G1, S1, N1 Personnel/Admin Section
J2, G2, S2, N2 Intelligence Section
J3, G3, S3, N3 Operations Section
J4, G4, S4, N4 Logistic Section
J5, G5, S5, N5 Plans Section
J6, G6, S6, N6 Communication Section
JAAT Joint Air Attack Team
JACE Joint Air Coordination Element
JAOC/CAOC Joint/Combined Air and Space Operations Center
JAOP Joint Air Operations Plan
JCAMT Joint Combat Airspace Management Team
JCEOI Joint Communications Electronics Operating Instructions
JCET Joint Combined Exercise for Training
JCMOTF Joint Civil Military Operations Task Force
JCS Joint Chief of Staff
JCSE Joint Communications Support Element
JFACC Joint Force Air Component Commander
JFC Joint Force Commander
JFLCC Joint Force Land Component Commander
SOS Special Operations Squadron
SOSB Special Operations Support Battalion
SOSCOM Special Operations Support Command
SOTSE Special Operations Theater Support Element
SOW Special Operations Wing
JIPCL Joint Integrated Prioritized Collection List
JIPTL Joint Integrated Prioritized Target List
JISE Joint Intelligence Support Element
JMEM Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual
JOA Joint Operating Area
JOC Joint Operations Center
JOPES Joint Operational Planning and Execution System
JOPP Joint Operation Planning Process
JPG Joint Planning Group
JPOTF Joint Psychological Operations Task Force
JPRC Joint Personnel Recovery Center
JSCP Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan
JSOA Joint Special Operations Area
JSOACC Joint Special Operations Air Component Commander
JSOC Joint Special Operations Command
JSOTF Joint Special Operations Task Force
JSST Joint Space Support Team
JTAC Joint Terminal Attack Controller
JTCB Joint Targeting Coordination Board
JTF Joint Task Force
JTL Joint Target List
JTTP/MTTP Joint Tactics, Techniques and Procedures/Multi-Service TTP
JVB Joint Visitors Bureau
JWAC Joint Warfare Analysis Center
LNO Liaison Officer
LOAC Law of Armed Conflict
LRC Logistics Readiness Center
LZ Landing Zone
MAAP Master Air Attack Plan
MAGTF Marine Air Group Task Force
MARFOR Marine Corps Force
MARLE Marine Liaison Element
MARSOC Marine Forces Special Operations Command
MARSOF Marine Special Operations Forces
MCADS Maritime Craft Air Delivery System
MEF Marine Expeditionary Force
METL Mission Essential Task List
MEU(SOC) Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable)
MFP Major Force Program
MIM Mission Information Manager
MISO Military Information Support Operations
MISREP Mission Report
MOCC Maintenance Operations Coordination Center
MOE Measures of Effectiveness
MOP Measures of Performance
MPA Mission Planning Agency
MSA Mission Support Agency
MSOB Marine Special Operations Battalion
MSOC Marine Special Operations Company
MSOT Marine Special Operations Team
NAI Named Area of Interest
NALE Naval and Amphibious Liaison Element
NAR Non-conventional Assisted Recovery
NAVSOC Navy Special Operations Component
NAVSOF Navy Special Operations Forces
NAVSPECWARCOM Navy Special Warfare Command
NCA National Command Authorities
NEO Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation
NFA No-Fire Area
NGA National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (formerly NIMA)
NGO Non-Government Organization
NIMA National Imagery and Mapping Agency
NMJIC National Military Joint Intelligence Center
NOD Night Observation Device
NRO National Reconnaissance Office
NSA National Security Agency
NSAV Non-Standard Aviation
NSC National Security Council
NSWTG/U Naval Special Warfare Task Group/ Unit
OPSEC Operations Security
OPSUM Operation Summary
PBA Predictive Battlespace Awareness
PED Processing Exploitation Dissemination
PFPS Portable Flight Planning System
PGM Precision Guided Munitions
PIR Priority Intelligence Requirement
PJ Para Jumper (Air Force)
PR Personnel Recovery
PRT Provincial Reconstruction Team
PSYWAR Psychological Warfare
PSYOP Psychological Operations
RADC Regional Air Defense Commander
RAT Rapid Augmentation Team
RATTV Rescue All Terrain Vehicle
RCC Rescue Coordination Center
REQCONF Request Confirmation
RFA Restrictive Fire Area
RFI Request For Information
RIB Rigid-hull Inflatable Boat
RJ Rivet Joint
ROE Rules of Engagement
ROK Republic Of Korea
ROZ Restricted Operations Zone
RPA Remotely Piloted Aircraft
RTL Restricted Target List
SA Security Assistance
SAAFR Standard Use Army Aircraft Flight Rules
SAR Search And Rescue
SATCOM Satellite Communication
SBT Special Boat Team
SBU Special Boat Unit
SCA Space Coordination Authority
SDV SEAL Delivery Vehicle
SEA Senior Enlisted Advisor
SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defense
SEAL Sea Air Land
SERE Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape
SF Special Forces
SFA Security Forces Assistance
SFG Special Forces Group
SFOB Special Forces Operations Base
SFOD Special Forces Operational Detachment
SIGINT Signal Intelligence
SJA Staff Judge Advocate (Military Lawyer)
SME Subject Matter Expert
SO Special Operations
SO/LIC Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict
SOAR Special Operations Aviation Regiment
SOC Special Operations Command
SOCAFRICA Special Operations Command Africa
SOCCE Special Operations Command and Control Element
SOCCENT Special Operations Command Central
SOCEUR Special Operations Command Europe
SOCJFCOM Special Operations Command Joint Forces Command
SOCKOR Special Operations Command, Korea
SOCOM Special Operations Command
SOCOORD Special Operations Coordination Element
SOD Special Operations Division
SODARS Special Operations Debrief and Retrieval System
SODO Special Operations Duty Officer
SOF Special Operations Forces
SOG Special Operations Group
SOLE Special Operations Liaison Element
SOLL Special Operations Low Level
SOMPE Special Operations Mission Planning Environment
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SORTIEALOT Sortie Allotment (USMTF message)
SOWT Special Operations Weather Team
SPINS Special Instructions
SR Special Reconnaissance
SSE Sensitive Site Exploitation
SSO Security/Stabilization Operations
ST/STT/STS Special Tactics Team/Squadron
STO Special Tactics Officer/ Special Technical Operations
SWCC Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen
SWCS Special Warfare Center & School (US Army JFK)
TACLAN Tactical Local Area Network
TACON Tactical Control
TACP Tactical Air Control Party
TAP Theater Air Planner
TBMCS Theater Battle Management Core Systems
TDC Theater Deployable Communications
TET Targeting Effects Team (formerly known as GAT)
TF Task Force
TG Task Group
TGO Terminal Guidance Operations
TIC Troops In Contact
TLAM Tomahawk Land-Attack Missile
TMD Theater Missile Defense
TNL Target Nomination List
TOC Tactical Operations Center
TOT Time On Target
TPFDD Time Phased Force Deployment Document
TSOC Theater Special Operations Command
TST Time Sensitive Target
TTP Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
UAR Unconventional Assisted Recovery
UAS Unmanned Aerial System
UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UDT Underwater Demolition Team
UNAAF Unified Actions Armed Forces
USAID US Agency for International Development
USASOC United States Army Special Operations Command
USCENTCOM United States Central Command
USJFCOM United States Joint Forces Command
USSOCOM United States Special Operations Command
UW Unconventional Warfare
VFR Visual Flight Rules
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions
WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction
WOC Wing Operations Center
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