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HIT Chapter 1

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation (COBRA) requires that an employer extend group coverage to an employee for 18-36 months after the employee quits or is laid off
Cost sharing a situation where insured individuals pay a portion of the healthcare costs
Deductible amount a patient has to pay up front each year before insurance will begin paying
Entity/entities parties entering into a written agreement
Fee-for-service Plan that allows patients to go to any provider or hospital they choose
Group plan one insurance policy that covers a group of people
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act requires most employee sponsored group health insurance plans to accept transfers from other group plans without imposing preexisting condition clause.
Health Maintenance Organization Act provided grants to employers who set up HMOs
Indemnify reimburse
Indemnity insurance fee for service;Plan that allows patients to go to any provider or hospital they choose
Indigent people who are poor and deprived, typically without sufficient resources to take care of their daily needs
Insurance the act or business of protecting an individual’s person or property against loss or harm in return for payment
Insured policyholder
Insurer insuring party
Managed Healthcare any system of healthcare in which the health plan attempts to control or coordinate use of health services by its enrolled members.
Policy written agreement between two parties
Preexisting conditions illnesses and injuries that exist before the effective date of the insurance policy
Premium payment for insurance
Preventive medicine services provided to keep an individual well or catch an emerging illness in its early stages
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