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Life under Nazis

SFA History - Changing life in Nazi Germany

What did Hitler promise unemployed people before the elections? Work and Bread
What was the DAF? Organisation to control the German workers set up by Dr Robert Ley / Workers had to join
What is meant by rearmament? Rebuilding the German army.
How would rearmament help the German economy? Increase production for raw materials / create more jobs
Describe the 'Strength Through Joy' movement Organised leisure time for workers (cruises, holidays) / Nazis used it for propaganda / All workers encouraged to save for a Volkswagen /Aimed at 'good' Nazis
What was the RAD? All 18-25 year old men had to do 6 months work service / Unpopular - hard, manual work, low wages / Some liked it - uniform, money, sense of purpose
How did the Nazis help small businesses? Banned new department stores from opening which reduced competition
How did the Nazis help farmers? Many had their debts written off / All benefited from an increase in food prices / BUT many farmers resented the government meddling in their affairs
Who did not benefit from Nazi economic policies? Women - encouraged to stay at home and not work. Many sacked from their jobs. / Many Jews sacked from their jobs / Socialists and Communists coudl not register as unemployed
Why did Hitler ban trade unions? Did not want any potential opposition / Could control workers via DAF instead / Many trade unionists imprisoned
What key words would you associate with Nazi women? Kinder, Kuche, Kirche (Children, Cooking, Church) / Aryan families / Motherhood Cross / Lebensborn
What was the name of the award given to women who had more than 4 children? Motherhood Cross
What was the Lebensborn programme? Specially chosen unmarried women could 'donate a baby to the Fuhrer' by becoming pregnant to 'racially pure' SS men.
What was the Hitler Youth? Organisation for all children aged 10-18
What was the Hitler Youth organisation for girls? BDM - League of German Girls
What activities did boys do in the Hitler Youth? camping, hiking, sports, 'war games'
Why was the Hitler Youth so important to Hitler? Children are the future / indoctrination / to make them loyal Nazis / build up future army
How were teachers treated by the Nazis? Vetted by local Nazi officials / any disloyal teachers were sacked / Joined 'Nazi Teacher's Association' / Many Jews and women sacked.
How did the Nazis use education? Jewish pupils uhmiliated in front of classmates / Disloyal teachers sacked / subjects changed to reflect Nazi ideas / Nazi teacher's association
What sport was made compulsory for boys in German schools? boxing
What were Adolf Hitler schools? For boys who were considered to be special / taught to be future leaders of germany / tough physical training
Created by: allenk