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MTC 18

Biological and Zoological Forms

in- prefix into,on
im- prefix into, on
in- prefix not, without
im- prefix not, without
anth- BFN flower
bry- BFN moss
carp- BFN fruit
cortic- BFN bark, cortex
dendr- BFN tree
ram(i)- BFN branch
foil- BFN leaf
phyll- BFN leaf
herb(i)- BFN grass
caud- BFN tail
helminth- BFN worm
herpet- BFN snake, reptile
verm(i)- BFN worm
hipp- BFN horse
ichthy- BFN fish
omith- BFN bird
pter- BFN wing, fin
pteryg- BFN wing, fin
penn- BFN feather
fil(i)- BFN thread
pil(i)- BFN hair
ventr(i)- BFN stomach, belly
zo- BFN animal, living creature
carn(i)- BFN flesh
col- BFN inhabitant
ec- BFN house, enviroment
corpor- BFN body
morph- BFN form, shape
nomin- BFN name
oynm- BFN name
onom- BFN name
gymn- BFA nakes, uncovered
viv(i)- BFA alive, living
xen- BFA foregin, strange
de- BFV to bind, to fuse
pel- BFV to push, to drive
puls- BFV to push, to drive
sect- BFV to cut
tax- BFV to arrange
trop- BFV to turn
vor- BFV to eat, to consume
-ion TFN action, condition
-ation (at/ion) TFN action, condition
-cide (cid/e) TFN killing agent
-nomy (nom/y) TFN regulation
-plasia (plas/ia) TFN formation
-facient (fac/ient) TFA producing
Created by: meaghan-mercer