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MTC 17

Miscellaneous Forms and Diminutives

cry- BFN cold
cut(i)- BFN skin
cutan- BFN skin
ger- BFN old age, old person
geront- BFN old age, older person
hist- BFN tissue
luc(i)- BFN light
lun- BFN moon
macul- BFN spot
pariet- BFN wall
path- BFN feeling
sanguin- BFN blood
sangu(i)- BFN blood
syring- BFN tube, pipe
thanat- BFN death
thec- BFN sheath, case
furc- BFN fork, forked
archae- BFA ancient, primitive
magn(i)- BFA large
mult(i)- BFA much, many
plur(i)- BFA many, more
null(i)- BFA none, no
cac- BFA bad
idi- BFA one's own, peculiar
plat(y)- BFA flat
stere- BFA solid
cidu- BFA falling, shedding
caus- BFV to burn
caust- BFV to burn
gno- BFV to know, to recognize
mis- BFV to hate
mne- BFV to remember
phan- BFV to show, to appear
-cule DSFN small
-ellum DSFN small
-il DSFN small
-ule DSFN small
-ole DSFN small
-cle DSFN small
-elcosis (elc/o/sis) TFN ulceration
-atresia (a/tre/sia) TFN imperforation
-lepsy (leps/y) TFN seizure
-aphia (aph/ia) TFN touch
-osmia (osm/ia) TFN smell
-orexia (orex/ia) TFN appetite
-mania TFN compulsion, preoccupation
Created by: meaghan-mercer