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about __% of child blindness is caused by ocular injuries? 5
should check ___ before removing foreign bodies to protect person removing foreign body and check it after too! Visual aquity
try to locate the source of foreign body , if we know the source it may help with ______ and rate of healing removal
______ velocity foreign bodies in bed deeper. higher
usually use _____anesthetic because fbs can be very painful, especially in cornea. local
______is used to examine the eye for very small fbs and may need to use ___ to stain. slit lamp; fluorescein
superficial fbs can often be removed by irrigation with _____ & _________? saline; cotton swab
tightly lodged fbs must be lifted away with a _______ or _____? corneal spud/burr
a metallic fb can cause a ______ ? rust ring
a rust ring can form after ____ to ___ hours? 6-8
rust rings can be removed with a ______? burr
after removal eye is ___to keep rubbing and blinking from irritating? patched
most fb defects heal in _____ hours? 24
if fb is organic(fingernail,wood,etc) it can take up to ___ or ____ days to heal? 3/4
_____ are applied before patching? Antibiotics
FBs should be treated when? immediately
if FB is removed by tears and blinking there can still have the sensation that something is still in there, which is also known as what? Foreign Body sensation
____ foreign bodies usually dont have pain associated with them? conjunctival
_______conjunctival foreign bodys usually easily seen against white background? bulbar
if there is blood around the FB it means the eye has prob been ______? penetrated
these are superficial scratches or erosions of cornea , not seen with naked eye, so fluorescein is used? corneal abrasion
treatment for corneal abrasions is? patch for 24 hours
with intraocular foriegn bodies constitute a _____ emergency? surgical
severity of intraocular foriegn bodies just _____? depends
try to find out the ____ of the intraocular foreign bodies? source
contusions of eyelids are also known as a ______ eye? black
need to examine quickly bc after _____ to ____ hours lids can swell? 1-2
______ compress to immediately reduce swelling ? cold
usually after ______to_____ days swelling goes down and ____ starts clearing up 5/7 ; hematoma
contusion of globe is _____ or blow to the ____ of the eye? explosive force/ orbit
some possible early complications of contusions of the globe? subconjunctival hemmorage, hyphema,iris problems, glaucoma, dislocation of lens, vitreous hemmorage, retinal tears,detachements,bleeding,choridal rupture, sclearal, avulsion of optic nerve.
possible late complications of contrusion of globe? glaucoma, sympathetic opthalmia, phthisis bulbi, cataract,keratitis.
this is a cut on eyelid , should be seen immediatly ? lacerations
a delay in seeing a lacerations of lids could result in _____? infections
______ surgery allows Dr. to align the tissues to their original postition? early
___ & ______ shot should be given to patient after laceration of lids? antibiotics/tetanus
if upperlid gets laceration it could damage the levator palpebral superioris ( raises upper lid) if that happens it could lead to ___? ptosis
permanent tearing could result from damage to the ____? lacrimal apparatus
entropian = eye lids turn in
ectropian= eye lids turn out
with lacerations you should patch eye so it doesnt get more irritated then send to the ____? DR
how many orbital bones are there ? 7
direct blow to eye can cause a __________ fracture of the orbital bones surrounding the globe? blowout
the bottom of the ordit is _____? thin
if patient has black eye you should check for fractures with an ____? xray
extrinsic muscles can get caught in cracked bones so eye may not be able to ____? which could cause diplopia turn
with chemical burns the degrees of burns depends on the concentration of chemical and the ______ of contact? duration
____&_____ out chemical as soon as possible with lots of water? dilute & rinse
irrigation for ____-_____mins and make arrangement to get to ophalmologist? 20-30
second stages of emergency care? (7) 1.check VA 2.topical anesthetic 3.continued irrigation if necessary 4.obtain info on type of chemical 5.examine eyelid under magnification remove any particles 6.lids held open using cotton cloth 7.keep patient calm
never place a miotic or mydriatic drop in ______eye? injured
never place an ______ in eye before Dr sees patient? ointment
conditions causing double vision?(4) 1.brain tumors 2.aneurysms 3.myasthenia 4.strokes
sinusitis,tooth abcess, migranes,hypertension,brain tumor,anxiety,ocular motorproblems . can cause what? headaches
prosthisis are _____ body part like plastic eyes? artifical
three different ways the eyes can be removed ? 1.enucleation 2.eviserations 3.exenteration
this is where the whole eye is removed ... most popular wat with about 75 % of eye removals done like this? enucleation
this is the removal of conntents of eyeball? eviseration
this is the removal of enitire contents of the orbit - sometimes even lids , usually done with cancer patients? exenteration
this is inserted at the time of surgery , shaped like the back of globe and muscles are attached to it? usually has kind of flat front surface and replaces about half the volume of the globe implant
this is done at the time of surgery shaped like front of eye , gets eye socket in shape to recieve prosthesis? conformer
oculartist is someone who does what? fits fake eyes
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