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Lesson 3


Afford Provide, give, grant
Announce Proclaim, publish, declare
A wide range of A wide variety
Chance Probability, likelihood, opportunity
Chart Map, plot
Engage Promise, contract, pledge, reserve, book, hire, employ
Esteem Respect, revere, prize, value
Evidence Proof, sign
Fertile Bountiful, productive, fecund
Generate Produce
Innate Inborn, natural
Invaluable Precious, priceless
Irreparable Irremediable, permanent, irrecoverable
Maxim Principle, saying, proverb
Object Protest, remonstrate, goal, purpose, function
Outstanding Remarkable, prominent, excellent, unpaid, owing, unsettled
Patron Protector, supporter, advocate, customer
Predominate Outweigh, prevail, rule
Previous Prior, earlier, former
Premise Assumption, supposition
Primitive Primeval, uncivilized, savage, rudimentary
Proficiency Skill, ability, expertise,mastery
Proposition Suggestion, proposal
Questionable Doubtful, suspicious, dubious
Rife with Full of
Shield Protect, defend, safeguard
Solitary Isolated, remote, secluded, lonely
Stick Cling, adhere
Stimulus Motivation, incentive, incitement
Stir Agitate, provoke, rouse, spur, excite
Taboo Prohibition
Thrive Prosper, flourish
Tide Stream, current
Vagary Uncertainty, sudden desire, caprice, whim
Wane Decrease, decline, fade
View Outlook, opinion, consider, deem, regard
Created by: ldinkle
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