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Haney Medterm c16-14

How many primary organs are there in the male reproductive system? 3
______________ are small ovoid glands. Gonads/Testicles
Where does the development of the gonads start? High in the abdominal cavity, near the kidneys.
When does the testicles descend through the inguinal canal? A month or 2 before, or shortly after birth.
Name the primary organs? Testicles, scrotum, and perineum.
What is the scrotum's function? To hold the testicles.
Where is the scrotum located? Posterior of the penis.
What is the perineum? The area between the scrotum and the anus.
Each testicle remains suspended in the scrotal sac by a ________? Spermatic cord.
The spermatic cord contains? Blood, lymphatic vessels, nerves, and the vans deferens.
Vans deferens is also called? Ductus deferens.
The scrotum divides into how many compartments? 2
Each testicle consists of specialized coils of tiny tubules called? Seminiferous tubules
What is the seminiferous tubules responsible for? The production of sperm.
After passing through the seminiferous tubules, where does the sperm go through next? Epididymis.
What does the epididymis resemble? A comma.
Where does the sperm mature and become fertile and motile? Epididymis.
Mature sperm are stored in the _________ portion of the epididymis. Lower.
The vans deferens merges with the adjacent seminal vesicle to form the ________? Ejaculatory duct.
The seminal vesicles secrete a thick, yellowish fluid that is know as seminal fluid; this constitutes a large part of the volume of _______? Semen.
Where does the prostate gland lie? Just below the urinary bladder.
The urethra serves in which 2 systems? The urinary and reproductive systems.
What is the male organ of copulation? The penis.
The tip of the penis is called? Glans penis.
The retractable fold of skin on the penis is called? The prepuce of foreskin.
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