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Haney medterm c18-21

What is the movement of the fetus felt by the mother? quickening
What is also known as the mask of pregnancy? Hyperpigmentation of the skin
During a chadwick's sign the cervix and the vagina take on what color hue? bluish-violet hue
Another name for abdominal stiria. Stretch marks
Irregular contractions of the uterus that may occur throughout the pregnancy and are relatively painless are what? Braxton Hicks contractions
A procedure in which the examiner uses a finger to tap the uterus to make the baby "bounce" is what? Ballotment
At what week can the fetal outline be palpated? 24 weeks
How many positive signs of pregnancy are there? 3
When, approximately, can a fetal heartbeat be detected by ultrasound? 10 weeks
A special stethoscope for hearing the baby's heartbeat through the mother's abdomen? fetoscope
True or false: Goodwell's sign is a presumptive sign of pregnancy? false
A noninvasive procedure that involves the use of reflected sound waves to detect the presence of embryo or fetus? ultrasonography
When does the fetus heartbeat become identifiable by a fetoscope? 18-20 weeks
Softening of the cervix or the vagina is what? Goodwell's sign
What are commonly based on the presence of the hormone human chronic gonadotropin secreted during pregnancy? pregnancy tests
Hegar's sign is the softening of the lower segment of what? the uterus
When can the embryo or fetus be detected by ultrasound? 5-6 weeks
What is the fetal heartbeat rate? 118-120 bpm
How reliable is the identification of the fetus at 5-6 weeks? 100% reliable
How many signs and symptoms are there? 3
What are the sign and symptom categories? probable, presumative, and positive
Are the persumative signs always accurate? no
Positive signs of pregnancy are those that are observed by who? the examiner
True or False: amenorrhea, nausea and vomiting, fatigue and urinary disturbances are presumitave signs? true
How many probable signs are there? 10
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