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L&D, Surgery

Classification and use of Docusate Sodium Stool Softener: retain fluid in the bowel to soften stool
Classification and use of Oxytocin Hormone: stimulates uterine contractions before birth and after to control pospartum hemorrhage.
Classification and use of Vancomycin Antibiotic: for severe infection r/t methicillin-resistant staph.
Classification and use of Metronidazole Antiamebic/Antibacterial: prevention of post op infection, as well as tx for trichomoniasis
Classification and use of Dimenhydrinate Antihistamine: to prevent/tx N/V, and dizziness
Adverse effects of Docusate Sodium stomach pain, cramps, irritated throat; allergic rxn: rash, pruritis, severe dizziness, difficulty breathing
Adverse effects of Dimenhydrinate drowsiness, headache, ringing in ears, dry mouth nose and throat, fainting, tachycardia
Adverse effects of Metronidazole seizures,erythematous rash, congestion, N/VD, cramps, dysuria
Adverse effects of Vancomycin rash, toxic epidermal necrolysis, hearing loss, nephrotoxicity (renal failure), thrombocytopenia
Adverse effects of Oxytocin seizure, intracranial hemorrhage in fetus, hypochloremia, hyponatremia, painful contractions, abruptio placentae, decreased uterine blood flow
Oxytocin monitoring fetal maturity&position; BP&pulse q15min; fetal hr, intrauterine pressure
Vancomycin monitoring VS, *temperature*
Metronidazole contraindications first trimester of pregnancy
Classification and use of Dalteparin Anticoagulant: prevent VTE and PE in those with cancer or in those with unstable angina
Adverse effects of Dalteparin bleeding, thrombocytopenia
Classification and use of Cefazolin Antibiotic: tx resp, bone, skin, joint, infections, UTIs, ear infections. NOT ACTIVE AGAINST MRSA
Adverse effects of Cefazolin seizure, rash, pruritis, pain at IM site, allergic rxn, superinfection
Cefazolin monitoring VS, *temperature*, renal status, CVC, s&s of superinfection (diarrhea, URI, coated tongue)
Classification and use of Fentanyl Opioid analgesic: relief of moderate-severe pain; preop sedation
Adverse effects of Fentanyl respiratory depression
Fentanyl monitoring do not give if <12 rpm; VS, *bp, respirations*
Signs of opioid overdose (fentanyl) coma, pinpoint pupils, respiratory depression
Classification and use of Furosemide Loop diuretic: tx of edema r/t renal dysfunction; tx of hypertensions
Adverse effects of Furosemide dizziness, orthostatic hypotensions, pancreatitis, thrombocytopenia, thrombocytopenia
Furosemide monitoring potassium levels (3.5-5 mEq/L); VS, *bp, pulse*,
Classification and use of Acetaminophen Nonopioid analgesic: analgesic for mild/moderate pain; antipyretic
Adverse effects of Acetaminophen pancytopenia
Acetaminophen monitoring hepatic, renal status in long term therapy
Classification and use of Hydromorphone opioid analgesic: mild/severe pain
Adverse effects of Hydromorphone respiratory depression
Hydromorphone monitoring respirations (don't give if <12rpm); bp; s&s of over dose
Classification and use of Metoclopramide Antiemetic: prevent antineoplastic related emesis; management of GERD; tx/prevention of postop N/V
Adverse effects of Metoclopramide neuroleptic malinant syndrome, bronchospasm
Metoclopramide monitoring VS, daily weight, I&O
Classification and use of Morphine Opium alkaloid: relief of moderate/severe pain; preanesthetic sedation; postop/obstetric analgesia
Adverse effects of Morphine sedation, respiratory depression
Morphine monitoring respirations (don't give if <12rpm); bp; s&s of OD
Classification and use of Clindamycin antibiotic: used to fight bacterial infections
Adverse effects of Clindamycin N/V, joint pain, pain with swallowing, heartburn, white patches in mouth, thick vaginal discharge
Classification and use of Rabeprazole Proton pump inhibitor: used to tx GERD, stomach and duodenal ulcers
Adverse effects of Rabeprazole diarrhea, N/V, constipation, rash, headaches, dizziness
Created by: m.jochum
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