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Contacts III final

review for final!!!!

This type of astigmatism is total astigmatism and is found in spectacle Rx? Refractive astigmatism
this type of astigmatism is the difference between k's found on the cornea? corneal astigmatism
this type of astigmatism is tilting or toric crystalline lens? lenticular astigmatism
this is tilted fovea or irregular shape macula? internal astigmatism
this type of astigmatism is not 90 degrees apart and is corrected with gp or pmma irregular astigmatism
know wra/ara/oblique astigmatism :)
know how to fit/apply/remove GP,soft, and hybrid lenses notes
know how to select the best lenses for a patient!! ex the ten point quizzes in lab
what are the 2 fitting philosophies 1.intrapalpebral/apical clearance 2.uppperlid/corneal attatchement
when fitting with the intrapalpebral/ apical clearance fit , the lens fits between the ____ & _____ lid and centers well upper; lower
when fitting with the mean you take corneal cyl and divided by _____ then fit flat k steeper by that amount 2
mean of the mean you take the corneal cyl and divide by ____ then fit flat k by that amount 4
upperlid /corneal attachment has a large dia of ? 9.5
upperlid attachment has a _____ bc? flatter
with upperlid attachment the lens is postitioned under the ___ lid which makes it more comfortable because the blink is more natural. upper
upperlid has reduced flare which makes it easier to adapt and has less ____ & ___ o'clock staining 3&9
what are the 4 steps of lens evaluation? 1.corneal centration 2.movement 3.fluorescein 4.visual aquity
average dia for intrapalpebral /apical fit ? 8.5
know how to deliver a contact lens :)
dk/t or dk/l means what oxygen transmission of a cl in relation to its thickness
describe a hybrid lens? a gp center surrounded by a soft skirt for comfort
can you polish a GP YES
do GPs have better long term comfort when comparing to soft lens? YES
do GPs have better optics? YES
are GPs easier to care for YES
GP lenses correct irregular and regular astigmatism using a ____ lens? sphere
can you polish /modify a GP lens? yes
when you first start wearing a GP lens you wear it _____ hours the first day then add an hour each day? 3
the follow ups for a gp lens is ___ week ___ weeks __month _months __months every 6 months 1. 2 1 2 3
when fitting a soft lens choose a dia ____mm larger than the HVID 2
soft contact lenses should always be in ____ cylinder minus
compensate VD if ____ D or greater 4.00
multifocals will not restore someones vision to their ____ vision youthful
anisometropic lenses are another name for what type of lenses? monovision
are monovision lenses easier to fit than bifocals YES
are there more material choices for monovisions? YES
can you get monovisions in sphere /torics or both? BOTH
which has a wider field of view monovisions or bifocals? monovisions
which is less expensive monovisions or bifocals? monovisions
this type of lens is one single vision lens for dv or near monovision
what are the two basic types of bifocal lens designs? 1.alternating vision/translating bifocals 2.simultaneous vision
segmented lenses are more challenging because they need better ____ height measurements? seg
fitting a GP alteranting lens? (6 steps in order) 1.examine lid position 2.record K's 3.evaluate fit 4.observe the seg placement 5.over refract 6.record BC,power,dv/nv, dia, sh,prism ballast
the lower the evalue the ____ the fit tighter
the higher the evalue the ___ the fit looser
hyperflange is used on a _____ lens? minus
hyperflange provides centration for __ riding lenses? high
hypoxia means ? lack of oxygen
diameter gauge, slot gauge, v-groove,shadowgraph, projection magnifier, hand held magnifier are instruments used to determine what? diameter
measuring magnifier, loupe, and shadow graph is used to determine what? OZ
thickness gauge and dial gauge are used to determine what? center thickness
5 groups water groups ? 1.low water nonionic 2.high water nonionic 3.low water ionic 4.high water ionic 5.silicone hydrogel
does ionic or nonionic attract more deposites? ionic
follow ups for a soft lens? 1 week; 1 month; 3 months; 6 months; 12 months
aldox kills? acanthomeba
polyquad is found in which manufactures products? ALCON
silicone is added for ____ permeability? oxygen
fluorine is used to increase ____ and deposit resistant. wetablilty
start thinking about fitting a soft toric if the refracted cyl is _____? -0.75
if the refracted cyl is over -1.00 definityly fit a soft _____? toric
lars stands for ? left add ; right subract
dk value of 30 is ____ dk value of 151 is _____? low/high
if a lens is high water it has more oxygen which means it has more _______? deposits
acrylate is usually in context with what type of lens? GP
if the refracted cyl is a -.25 or -.50 ______ is usually used spherical equivalence
if refracted cyl is 0.75 or 1.00 fit ___ or toric sphereical equivalence
compensate for VD if GREATER THAN _____(sphere only) 4.00
Created by: Britt7