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LCHS_A&P_Ch 11

LCHS_A&P_Ch 11 Cardiovascular Pathologies

ANGINA PECTORIS Suffocating chest pain caused by brief lack of oxygen supply to heart muscle.
ARTHEROSCLEROSIS Changes in the walls of large arteries consisting of lipid deposits on the the artery walls. The early stages of arteriosclerosis and increased rigidity.
BRADYCARDIA Slow heartbeat usually defined as a rate under 60 beats per minute.
CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE Condition in which the pumping efficiency of the heart is depressed so that circulation is inadequate to meet tissue needs.
CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE The insidious filling of the blood vessels with fatty calcified deposits which roughens the vessels walls.
ENDOCARDITIS An inflammation of the inner membrane lining of the heart.
FIBRILLATION Irregular, uncoordinated contraction of muscle cells particularly of the heart.
HYPERTENSION An abnormally high blood pressure.
HYPOTENSION Abnormally low blood pressure.
ISCHEMIA A local decrease in blood supply.
MURMUR Abnormal or unusual heart sounds when blood becomes turbulent.
MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION A condition characterized by dead tissue areas in the myocardium caused by interruption of blood supply to the area
VARICOSE VEINS Overworked valves in the vein become twisted and dialated.
PERIPHERAL CONGESTION A form of congestive heart failure when the right side of the heart fails and blood backs up into the systemic circulation.
PULMONARY CONGESTION A form of congestive heart failure when the left side of the heart fails and blood backs up into the lungs.
PULMONARY EDEMA Increase pressure due to swollen blood vessels in the lungs leak fluid from the circulation into lung tissue; can result in a person suffocating.
TACHYCARDIA An abnormal excessively rapid heart rate over 100 beats per minute.
THROMBOPHLEBITIS An inflammation of a vein associated with blood clot formation.
ORTHOSTATIC HYPOTENSION Temporary low blood pressure and dizziness when a person suddenly rises from a reclining or sitting position.
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