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Contact Lens test 4

Specialty CL's - Corneal Topography

high plus lenses/lenses for aphakia patients have ____ centers and ___ edges? Thick centers, thin edges
high plus lenses / lenses for aphakia patients have a _____ field of view? small
are high plus lenses available in soft/ gp or both BOTH
What are two types of GP lens designs? 1. Single Cut 2.Lenticular
Single cut lens designs have how many base curves? ONE
Do single cut lens designs have any peripheral curves? NO
What is the average diameter of a single cut lens design? 7.5 - 8.5
Single cut lenses are used when K's are steeper than? 45.00
Patients with a smaller palpebral fissure should wear what type of GP lens design? Single cut
This type of GP lens design reduces center thickness, eliminates junctures, and is more comfortable for the patient? SINGLE CUT
what are three disadvantages of a single cut lens design? 1.difficult to handle (small) 2.ride low 3.patient has ARA may decenter laterally
this GP lens design is myoflange,minus lenticular, or minus carrier? LENTICULAR
the average dia for a lenticular lens design ? 9.0 -9.5
the lenticular lens design is used for K's that are 45.00D or _____? flatter
This typer of GP lens design is easier to remove and reduces weight and thickness? Lenticular
high minus lenses are _-_____ diopters or greater -5.00
This is an in office modification to thin the anterior edge surface of the lens from -3.00 to -4.00 CN BEVEL
1970'S the scleral lens was ____ again? introduced
in the 1980's a GP scleral lens was fit when? when other lenses didnt work
what are the three type of scleral lenses? 1.Corneo-scleral lens/semi scleral lens scleral lens 3.full scleral lens
this scleral lens is larger than conventional GP lenses, and rests near the junction between the cornea and sclera? Corneo-scleral lens/semi scleral lens
This scleral lens vaults entire cornea and rests on sclera? Mini Scleral Lens
This is the LARGEST scleral lens , vaults limbal area , rests on sclera; has greatest clerance between back surface and cornea? Full Scleral Lens
what do you use to fit scleral lenses? manufactures fitting guide
someone who cant wear any other lens is a good canidate for what type of lens? sclearal lens
scleral lenses help patients with what three things? 1.irregular corneas 2.hard to fit eyes 3.dry eyes
first hybrid lens? saturn lens
this lens was FDA approved in 2005 ? synergeyes
Orthokeratology, ortho k, accelerated ortho K, and corneal refractive therapy is used to do what? reshape cornea to get normal vision
will cornea go back to original shape if not worn all the time with orthokeratology? YES
do you have to wear a retainer lens with orthokeratology ? YES
orthokeratology started in 1956 with pmma then later went to GP
CRT lens was manufactured by who? paragon
a CRT lens has a central optical zone with a flatter radius of curvature compared to _______ curves? intermediate
are CRT lenses worn during sleeping hors? yes
with CRT lenses vision improves within ______ days and is stabalized within a few days or months? a few days
with CRT lenses a retainer can be worn every night, every other night , or once or twice a week depending on what? RX
What is the most common type of color deficency? red/green
a color deficencey is not serious unless it interferes with job, safety, or _____ learning? children
Contacts can assist with color deficiency but cannot ___ it. cure
color deficiency lenses are available in ____ and ___ lenses? soft and GP
x-chrome , ruby chromatic, and chromage are red lenses used for what type of color deficiency? red/green
1 red lens is worn on the ____ eye ? non dominant
the non dominant eye without the red lens ______ the green? absorbs
H Ruby -55.00 NOT FOR COLOR DEFICIENCY AND attaches to slit lamp
enhancement tints enhances ___ colored eyes? light
enhancement tints absorb ____ -_____ % of light 10-20%
opaque tints have to have ____ pupil? clear
opaque tints changes the color of _____ iris's? ALL
Opaque lenses have to center well so ____ is not covered? pupil
custom / prosthetic tinted lenses are for what type of eyes? disfigured
leukoma ? dense ; opacity of cornea
hand painted lenses are made to ____ disfigured or scarred eyes? match
should you wear sunglasses even if you are wearing a lens with a uv tint? YES
visibility tints absorb about ____% of light? 10
this is conical thinning and pertusion of the central cornea? keratoconus
the cause and cure of keratoconus? UNKKNOWN
when is keratoconus usually noticed ? late teens to early 20's
when does keratoconus usually stabalize? age 40
1.high myopia 2.steep k's 3.irregular k's 4.apical scarring are optical disturbances that occur with keratoconus
retinoscope hand held instrument used to obtain the refracted status of the eye .
with a retinoscope you see an unusual ___ motion with keratoconus? scissor
phoropter ? used for refraction
placido disc? hand held instrument look through center hole at patients cornea , has black and white circles the cornea is like a mirror
normal cornea = circles normal
Keratoscope ? looks like a retinoscope but has circles from placidos disc
photokeratoscoe? like placidos except has light and takes pics
computer assisted video keratoscop(CAV) topographer? provides thousands of data points, measures &maps the cornea , provides hard copy and computer of a multi color conture map. each scale is different and is documented in diopter power
Corrections for Keratoconus in early stages? glasses and contacts can be worn
as keratoconus progresses the cornea gets irregular so how could you correct Keratoconus? GP lenses
which lens is best for correcting irregular corneas? GP
4 special keratoconus lenses? 1.sopercone 2.mcGuire 3.Nicome 4.Rose K/Rose K2
this lens was designed by Joseph Soper in 1960s. is fit by adjusting sagittal depth . lens will have steep BC and flat flange(steep in middle) Sopercone
as cornea steepens ___________ ________ is the first complaint? light sensitivity
This lens was designed by James McGuire in the 1960's uses three different lenses for three cones? McGuire
The McGuire lenses have____ posterior peripheral cones and a ___ OZ 4: SMALL
What are the three different cone shapes in the McGuire lens? 1.Nipple/ Round shape 2.Oval/Sagging 3.Globus
The Nipple/Round shape is the smallest and uses a diameter of ____? 8.1
The Oval/Sagging cone shape is a ___ cone and SAGS . Diameter of _____? LONGER: 8.6
The Globus cone shape is the ____ and can involve 3 quaters of the cornea has a diameter of ____? LARGEST: 9.1
This special Keratoconus lens was designed by Nick Siviglia in the 1970s? Nicome
the Nicome lens has ____ BC and ___ peripheral curve which provides a multiple vaulting back surface that makes lens more comfortable ? 3; 1
What are the three BC of the Nicome lens? 1 BC for disease portion 1 BC for non disease portion 1 BC for transition zone
This special keratoconus lens was designed by paul rose . the OZ decreases in size while BC steepens so it aligns the cone and flattens in periphery Rose K/Rose K2
Hybrid lenses ; the GP correct the _____ cornea and the soft skirt is for _____? IRREGULAR; COMFORT
two hyrbid lenses that are now discontinued? saturn and sofperm
the only company that now has hybrid lenses? SYNERGEYES
synergeyes KC and Clear kone are hybrid lenses made by which company? SYNERGEYES
a piggy back has a ___ lens on cornea for comfort soft
a piggy back has a ___ lens on top of soft to correct cornea GP
with a piggy back lens the soft lens can be slightly plus to make the gp_______? stay on better
some soft lenses used for piggy back have depressions on them so the ____ can set on it ! GP
What material are scleral lenses made of ? the same as GP
Scleral lenses can also be called what? HAPTIC
Scleral Lenses can be used to correct _____ astig? irregular
Scleral lenses do not touch the cornea , they rest on the ______? sclera
true of false : scleral lenses are more comfortable than GP TRUE
what do you fill scleral lenses wih before inserting them in your eye? unpreserved saline
This is a treatment used to stabalize Keratoconus? Corneal Crosslinking with Riboflavin and UV treatment
use riboflavin and uv treatment to see if the treatment will increase collogen in the eye to ________ keratoconus? stabalize
The riboflavina and uv treatment increases collogen which anchors the cornea and prevents the cornea from doing what? buldging and becoming irregular
the riboflaving and uv treatment can be done with cornea in tact or removing the _____ layer , applying riboflavin then exposing the cornea to ____? EPITHELIAL ; UV
what is the LAST resort for keratoconus? corneal transplant
this is used to remove distorted cornea and the donor cornea? (cookie cutter) Trephine
This is a V shaped indentation observed on lower eyelid when patient looks down? Munson's Sign
This term is used to describe a decreased cornea sensitivity due to keratoconus? Axen Feilds Sign
Vertical white lines found in posterior stroma and decemes found in keratoconus patients? Vogt's Striae
yellowish / brown olive green ring of iron deposites seen around base of cone or completely around cone Fleishers Ring
This is when decemes membrane ruptures and aqueous flows into the cornea , causing severe edema! Corneal Hydrops
Pellucid Marginal Degeneration (pmd) is inferior stroma thinning and steeping in the ___ and ___ o'clock potition. 4&8
Terriens Marginal Degeneration is the ________ of the cornea at the limbus . little to no pain thinning
refractive surgery is designed to altar the ___ of the cornea and improve vision and eliminate the use of glasses and CL SHAPE
Refractive surgery shouldnt be preformed to people under ___ years old? 21
Refractive surgery cannot be _____ ? reversed
procedure where a countersink or button of cornea is removed ,frozen, shaped to correct refractive error and sutured back to original cornea? Keratomileus
Lasik is also know as? Laser Assisted IN Situ Keratomilens
Lasik is used to correct myopia,hyperopia, and astigmatism by reshaping the _____? cornea
When doing lasik surgery if patient has myopia the cornea is made ______? FLATTER
When performing lasik surgery if patient has hyperopia the cornea is made____? STEEPER
If patient has astigmatism the lasik surgery makes cornea _____? spherical
This surgery removes cornea tissue from outer surface of the cornea with a laser ; no flap? Photo Refractive Keratectomy (PRK)
This is a refractive surgery in which sutures , a donor cornea on top of patients existing cornea to reduce extreme refractive error? Epikeratophakia
This refractive surgery involves making tiny slits on the surface of the cornea with a very sharp knife, which flattens the cornea and reduces myopia ? radial keratotomy (RK)
how many incisions are made with radial kerototmy ? 4-16 depending on Rx
This is a surgery where incisions are made on surface of cornea to correct ASTIGMATISM Astigmatic Keratotomy
how many incisions , angle , and distrobution is made with astigmatic keratotomy? depends on amount of astigmatism
Intacs are two tiny little plastic half rings placed between the layers of the cornea in the _______? periphery
intacs are used for patients with low levels of _______? myopia
the intacs are used to reshape the cornea to improve vision and can be removed or ______? replaced
If intacs are removed permanently the vision will do what? return back to what it previously was
are intacs approved for keratoconus patients? YES
what is clear lens extraction? take out crystalline lens and insert iol used to treat myopia and is a clear lens so pat wont have cataracts
this is an angle that the edge of a bead of water makes with the surface of the CL Wetting angle
the lower the wetting angle the better the ______ which helps tears spread evenly over the lens? wetablility
do you want a high or low wetting angle? LOW
dk/L or dK/T how much oxygen/ thickness
If there is excess of tears behind the lens the fluorescein patterns will be _______ green? BRIGHT
if the fluorscein has very few tears it will be _____ green? faint/light or even black
what is the ideal fluorescein pattern? distributed evenly behind the optical zone of the lens and brighter green in periphery
intrapalpebral fit /apical clearance (steep fit) is bright green in the __________? middle fluroscein pools to center
if there are frothing/air bubbles in the middle of the lens it means the lens is too ________? STEEP
flat fitting lenses are faint green in the _____ and black in _______ middle; periphery
if lens is too flat it can cause fluoroscein to pool around the edge which causes the edge to do what? lift or bubble
another name for corneal topography is ? photokeratoscopy/ video keratopography
corneal topography produces mulitcolored conture map of cornea . the colors represent different_____ values across corneas? curvature
blue or cool colors on a corneal topography represent ____ curves? flat
red or warm colors on a corneal topography represent ____ curves? steep
ortho K/ CRT is ___ of cornea / temporary reduction of myopia reshaping
if someone has WRA the red colors will be _____ vertical
if someone has ARA the blue colors will be horizontal
oblique means the bow tie pattern rotates ____ from the horizontal or vertical meridian. away
with keratoconus the red/hot colors are more towards the _______? CENTER
PMD is ____ at bottom? STEEP
people with dry eyes may need? punctal plugs
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