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Anatomy II, EXCI 254

What are characteristics of distributing arteries? 1) high elastin content 2) "dampen" blood pressure
What are capillaries made of? Tunica interna / simple squamous epithelium
Capillaries form what vessels? venules
What is the muscular part of the vein vasa vasorum
Name 3 arterial layers 1) Tunica Interna 2) Tunica media 3) Tunica Externa
What is a name given to arterioles? Resistance vessels
What is a particularity of arterioles? They change diameter/ affect blood pressure
Between which vessels are capillaries? arterioles and venules
Which tissues don't contain capillaries? lining epithelia / cornea / lens /cartilage
How many vessels does a metarteriole supply? 10-100 capillaries
From what layer are venules composed? Tunica interna/ tunica media
What structures help blood make its way back to the heart? pumping of heart / skeletal muscle contraction / valves
What are venous valved made of? 2+ layers of tunica interna
How much blood is in the veins at rest? 60%
How much blood is in the arteries at rest? 15%
How much blood is in the capillaries at rest? 5%
What are the celiac trunk arteries? left gastric artery / splenic artery / common hepatic artery
branches of gastroduodenal artery: greater curvature of stomach duodenum pancreas right gastroepiploic
Where is the Superior Mesenteric artery? L1 inferior to Celiac trunk
What does the Superior Mesenteric artery supply? small/ large intestine head of pancreas
What does the Inferior Mesenteric Artery supply? lower large intestines
What are the origins of the suprarenals arteries? abdominal aorta (L1) inferior phrenic a. renal a.
location of gonadal arteries? L2
location of inferior phrenic artery? aorta, above celiac trunk
What do the external illiac arteries supply? lower extremities
What do the internal illiac arteries supply? pelvis/perineum
What forms the Vena Cava? Common illiac veins
Where is Vena Cava formed? L5
What does Superior Vena Cava drain? head, neck, upper limbs
What organs does the portal system drain? GI tract, gall bladder, pancreas
What vein drains the spleen? Splenic vein
What are the Hepatic veins between? the liver and the Inferior vena cava
What forms the portal vein? Superior mesenteric vein Splenic Vein
What is the portal vein between? GI organs + spleen, liver Inferior Vena Cava
Created by: Schnee