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med term suffixes

a noun ending; cyanoderma
ac pertaining to; cardiac
ad toward;caudad
al pertaining to; duodenal
algesia sensitivity to pain;analgesia
algia pain;myalgia
ar pertaining to; ventricular
ary pertaining to; pulmonary
ate something that; hemolysate
blast embryonic stage; leukoblast
cele swelling or herniation; cystocele
centesis surgical puncture; amniocentesis
cide to kill; spermicide
clasis crushing; osteoclasis
cyte cell; leukocyte
desis surgical fusion; arthodesis
dynia pain; cephalodynia
e noun ending; dermatome
eal pertaining to ; esophageal
ectasia dilation;gastrectasia
ectasis dilation;gastrectasis'
ectomy surgical removal; appendectomy
emia blood condition;hyperglycemia
er one who; radiographer
esis condition of; enuresis
gen that which generates; glycogen
genesis generating; lithogenesis
genic pertaining to formation; lithogenic
gram record;electrocardiogram
graph instrument used to record; electrocariograph
graphy process of recording; electrocardiography
gravida pregnancy;multigravida
ia condition, parapelgia
ian specialist in a field; dietician
iasis presence of an abnormal condition; cholelithiasis
iatric relating to medicine; pediatrics
iatrician one who treats; pediatrician
iatrist one who treats; psychiatrist
iatry medical treatment; psychiatry
ic pertaining to; thoracic
ical pertaining to ; neurological
ician specialist in a field; obstertrician
ile pertaining to; febrile
ion action;conduction
ism condition; hirtuism
ist prationer;pharmacist
itis inflammation; appendicitis
ize to make; anesthetize
lepsy seizure; narolepsy
lith stome;rhinolith
lithiasis presence or formation of stones; cholelithiasis
logy the study of;biology
logist one who specializes in the study of; biologist
lysis destruction;hemolysis
lytic destruction; hemolytic
mania mental disorder; meglomania
megaly enlargement; cardiomegaly
meter instrument used to mearsure; audiometer
metry the process of measuring; audiometry
oid resembling; mucoid
ole small; arteriole
oma tumor;lipoma
opia visual condition;myopia
opsia visual condition; hemianopsia
opsy process of viewing; biopsy
ory pertaining to ; auditory
osis condition; cyanosis
ous pertaining to; venous
pathy disease; adenopathy
penia decrease in; leukocytopenia
pexy surgical fixation; colpopexy
philia attraction to;necrophilia
phobia abnormal fear; arachnophobia
plasia formation; hyperplasia
plasty surgical repair;rhinoplasty
plegia paralysis;hemipalagia
pnea breathing; dyspnea
ptosis drooping or prolapse; colpoptosis
rrhagia excessive flow; menorrhagia
rrhaphy suturing;nephrorrhaphy
rrhea discharge; rhinorrhea
rrhexis rupture; arteriorrhexis
scope instrument used to view; ophthamoscope
scopy the process of viewing with a scope; ophthalmoscopy
stasis stopping; hemostasis
stomy surgical creation of a new opening; colostomy
tic pertaining to; cyanotic
tion process of; relaxation
tomy incision into; phelbotomy
tripsy intentional crushing; lithotripsy
ula small;macula
ule small one; venule
um identifies singular nouns; duodenum
uria characteristic of the urine; hematuria
us identifies singular noun; coccus
y condition; myopathy
Created by: clarevoyant1019