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med term prefixes


a without,not,no; apnea
ab away from; abduct
ad towards; adduct
alb white; albino
ambi both; ambidextrous
an without; anesthesia
ante before; antecubital
auto self; autograph
anti againt; antidote
bi two;bicuspid
bio life; biology
brady slow; bradycardia
chlor/o green; chlorophyll
circum around; circumcision
cirrh/o yellow; cirrhosis
con with; congenital
contra against; contraindication
cyan/o blue; cyanosis
de down; descend
dia through; diagnosis
dis free of; dislocation
dys difficult;dyspnea
ecto outside; ectopic
endo within; endoscope
eosin/o red; eosinophil
epi over; epigastric
erythr/o red;erythrocyte
ex outside;exhale
exo outside; exogenous
extra outside; extrahepatic
glauc/o gray; glaucoma
hemi half; hemiplegia
hetero different; heterogeneous
homeo same; homeostasis
homo same; homogenesis
hydro water; hydrocephalus
hyp under;hypoxemia
hypo less than; hypoglycemia
idio individual;idiosyncrasy
im not;impotence
in within, not; incompetent
infra below; infraorbital
inter between; intercostal
intra within; intravenous
jaund/o yellow; jaundice
juxta near; juxta-articular
leuk/o white; leukocyte
melan/o black; melanoma
meso middle; mesoderm
meta beyond; metacarpals
milli one-thousandth; milliliter
mono one; monocyte
multi many;multipara
non not; noninvasive
pan all;pancarditis
para beside; paracervical
per through;percussion
peri around;perianal
poli/o gray;poliomyelitis
poly many; polyuria
post after;postoperative
pre before; precordial
primi first; primigravida
pseudo false;pseudoanorexia
purpur/o purple;purpura
quadri four;quadriplegia
re back;reactive
retro behind;retroperitoneal
rube red;rubella
semi half; semiconscious
sub under;subcutaneous
supra above;suprapubic
sym joined;sympathetic
syn together; syndrome
tachy fast;tachycardia
trans through;transurethral
tri three; tricep
ultra beyond;ultrasound
uni one;uninuclear
xanth/o yellow;xanthoderma
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