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MTC 13

Oral Dental Forms

peri- prefix around
cheil- BFN lip
chil- BFN lip
labi- BFN lip
maxill- BFN maxilla
mandibul- BFN mandible
bucc- BFN cheek
gnath- BFN jaw
or- BFN mouth
stomat- BFN mouth
stom- BFN mouth
odont- BFN tooth
dent(i)- BFN tooth
adamantin- BFN enamel
adamant- BFN enamel
amel- BFN enamel
dentin- BFN dentin
cement- BFN cementum
cuspid- BFN point
apic- BFN apex, tip
alveol- BFN tooth socket
gingiv- BFN gum
gloss- BFN tounge
lingu- BFN tounge
fren- BFN frenum, frenulum
palat- BFN (hard) plate
uranisc-, uran- BFN (hard) plate
staphyl- BFN soft plate
vel- BFN soft plate, velum
uvul- BFN uvula
orth- BFA straight
schiz- BFA split, cleft
schist- BFA split, cleft
-schisis (schi/sis) TFN splitting
Created by: meaghan-mercer