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vocab 9.2


zone comercial commercial zone
oficinas office
tiendas shops
gente the people
zone industrial industrial zone
afueras outskirts
obreros workers
todo el dia everyday
fabric factory
zone residencial residents
apartmentos apartments
condominios condos
casa privadas privet house
plano map
plaza plaza/square
calle street
avenida avenue
bulevar bolivar
ancha wide
callecita ally
pintoresca picturesque
barrio neighborhood
viejo old
semaforo stoplight
esquina corner
peatones pedestrian
caminae to walk
acera sidewalk
cruzar to cross
cruce crosswalk
esperar to wait
salir to leave
trabajar to work
parade del bus buss stop
la buca del metro metro entrance
la escalera mecanica escalator
torniquete turning barrier
tique subway cart
meter parking meter
ranura card slot
compo the country
compos field
campesino country person
casa de campo farm house
pueblo pequeno small village
finca hay
cultivar cultivate
sembrar to sow
cereal grain
primavera spring
trigo wheat
maiz corn
cosechar harvest
otono autumn
criar raise animals
ganado cattle
vacas cows
gallinas cheicken
cerdos pig
la pera pear
el peral tree
la manzana apple tree
manzano apples
huerto garden
Created by: 17smitto
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