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medical terminology

dawns medical terminology

DJD Degenerative Joint Decease
TKR Total Knee Replacement
Fx Fracture
CTS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
ACL Arterial Crucial Ligament
MS Multiple Sclerosis
THR Total Hip Replacement
RA Rheumatoid Arthritis
Ca Cancer
ROM Range of movement
NSAIDS Non Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drugs
ankyl/o stiffness
brachi/o arm
lamni/o Part of vertebrae arch
humer/o humerus
rhabdomy/o striated muscle
stern/o sternum
orth/o straight
arthr/o joint
myel/o bone marrow
carp\o carpals
rachi/o spine
thorac/o chest
pelv/o pelvis
dactyl/o fingers/toes
cost/o ribs
oste/o bone
scoli/o bent
ili/o illium
radi/o radius
lumb/o lower back
pod/o foot
tendin/o tendon
my/o muscle
crain/o cranium/skull
patell/o knee cap
epi- above
meta- change
sub- under
ante- infront
hypo below
quadra four
endo- inside
syn- joined
post- after
micro- small
dys- painful
a-/an- without
uni- one
ad- toward
supra- above
-ectomy removal
-itis inflammation
-clasis instrument to view
-oma tumor
-physis to grow
-trophy nourishment
-malacia softening
-desis binding
-graphy process of growing
-tomy incision
osis abnormal condition
-asthenia lack of energy
-porosis porous condition
Created by: dawnbarger