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Pathology 7 and 8

Pathology 7 and 8 Hemodynamics and Coagulability

Dependant edema is assosiated with what Right heart faliure
Independant edema is associated with what left hear faliure
What is another term for generalized edema anasarca
Name the three forms of cerebral edema vasogenic, cytotoxic, and interstitial
What cuases vasogenic edema vessel obstruction
what causes cytotoxic edema faliure of the Na/K pump
What causes interstital edema blocking transepyndymal flow
What are heart faliure cells hemosiderin-laden macrophages that exist in the pulmonary space and are caused by left heart faliure
lowering cardiac output will do what to Renin system increase its activity
Is hyperemia a active or passive process active
when do you typically see hyperemia excercise or inflammation
Define congestion blockage of blood leaving the tissue, passive, and decreases effective perfusion
A hemmorage that is 1-2mm, caused by increased vascular pressure or a deficency in clotting factor Petechiae
What is a purpura basically a bigger version of a petechiae but measures 3mm-1cm
Echymosis is also reffered to as a ... bruise
How big is a echymosis 1cm-2cm
Echymosis with a green/blue color bilivirdin
Hemosiderin in an echymosis looks what color gold/brown
Define hemostasis he process of producing a a hemostatic plug to stop blood loss
Is a thrombosis too much or too little clotting TOO MUCH
where is vWF released from subendothelium ECM
what do you use to measure primary hemostasis bleeding time
Do you find normal or prolonged PT and PTT times in primary hemostasis normal
What is the normal range for platlets 150,000 to 400,000
What effect do corticosteroids have on platlet count lower platlet count
What is thrombocytopenia increased destruction of platlets
What are the pentad of symptoms in thrombocytopenia fever, thrombocytopenia, microangiopathic hemolytic anemia, nuerological symptoms, and renal faliure
Spontaneous bleeding and hemarthosis are symptoms of what Von Wildebrans
In patients with Von Wilbebrans will PTT be prolonged YES
Desmopressin (ADH analog) is used to treat what Von Wildebrans
Mutation in VIII Hemophilia A
Mutation in IX Hemophilia B
are hemophilias x-linked yes
Secondary hemostasis is concerned with which part of clotting tissue factor, part of epithelium
In secondary hemostasis which lab value are you looking at to be prolonged PTT
What other two problems could cause problems in clotting Low Vit K and liver disease
PT is a measure of which pathway extrinsic
PTT is a measure of which pathways intrinsic
What is fibrinolysis the breakdown of the clot that has formed
What causes fibrinolysis plasmin
What does plasmin cleave a fibrin clot into FSP (fibrogen split products)
What effect do FSP's have on coagulation anticoagulative
3 major prothrobotic factors vWF, TISSUE FACTOR, and Antifibrolytic: Plasmin activator inhibitor (PAI)
4 major antithrombic factors Intact endothelium, anticogaulatives (heparin), TFPI (tissue factor pathway inhibitor), and fibrinolytic molecules (tPA)
3 natural anticoagulants Proteins C and S, TFPI, and antithrombins
How does calmodiulin work inhibtis the use of Vit K in the coagulation pathway
How does heparin work binds to antithrombin molecules, stops fibrin production, and thus no clots are formed
Name the three factors in Virchows triad of thrombosis endothelial injury, stasis, and hypercoagulation
what is PAI and what does it do Plasminogen activator inhibtor, acts to stop the production of plasmin, and thus blocks clots from being broken down
What causes alerations to the endothelium of arteries/viens hypertension, turbulent flow, and inflammation
Name four causes of congestion Inactivity, hyperviscosity, sickle cell, and leukemia
What are athlerosclerotic plagues, aneurisms, vavular disease, and atrial fibrillation a cuase of turbulent blood flow
What is the PRIMARY cause of hypercoagulability genetic
Which population is hypercoagulabity mostly seen in older populations
which factor is usally a problem in hypercoagulability V
Secondary hypercoagulability is also known as what acquired
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