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Pathology 5 and 6

Pathology: Lectures 5 and 6 Renewal and Repair

When does renewal occur in cases where we loose our cells naturally (intestines lining, skin, etc..)
When is regeneration of cells no longer able to occur when parenchymal cells are lost
What role do endothelial cells play in repair they participlate in angiogenesis and thus facilitate bring blood flow back to the area
What role do PMN's and macrophages play in repair remove damage tissue and prevent infection
What role to parenchymal cells play in repair regenerate tissues with the primary functional cell type
Are parencymal cells found in the heart? NO
What are charactestics of type I collagen really strong and found in late wound healing
Where would you find type IV collagen in the basement membrane
What are 2 traits of type III collagen found in early wound healing and is fairly weak
What happens in Hemostasis fibrinogen is converted to fibrin
What is a provisional matrix this is an early/temporary cellular matrix that supports cellualr migration.
Which collagen type is found in a provisional matrix type 3
Which cell types are found in granulation tissue monocytes, plasma cells, and macrophages
During re-epithelialization what is occuring parenchymal cell recovery
What structure/cell type is responsible for contraction myofibroblast
What day does contracture usually occur day 3
Which collagen type helps to regain tissue strength type I
Which type of tissue is vascular, resistent to infection, occurs between inflammation and contracture and secretes collagen? granular tissue
Which type of wound intention lends itself to fibrosis, less dense tissue and poor reapproxiamtion secondary
What are the three major influences on wound repair Location, nature/amount of ECM, and Blood supply
Will the kideny regenerate if there is minimal damage to the ECM yes
Which area of the kidney is most sussceptible to injur medulla
Which process occurs when there is chronic injury to the liver fibrosis
Do glomeruli regenerate NO
How do lung cells regenerate Type 2 --> Type 1
What does a patchy loss of cells in the heart signify interstital fibrosis which could lead to cardiomyopathy or ishemic heart disease
A difuse loss of cells in the heart signals what myocardial infarction
What type of necrosis follows and MI coagulative
Which type of nuerons have the ability to regenerate PNS
What type of cells do the scarring in the PNS fibroblast
Abnormal/pathologic contractures can cause bowel stricture if they occur where abdomen
A exuberant, disorganized deposition within the dermis that extends beyond the anatomic boundries of of normal sturcture is called what Keloid
Who is at risk for keloids darker skined indivudals
What is excessive scar formation referred to as hypertrophic scars
Which areas are prone to pathologic contractures palms and shoes
Are contractures common following burns yes
What is a pyogenic ganuloma exuberant overgrowth of granulation tissue
When are pyogenic granulomas likely to occur on the gingiva of pregnant women
granulation tissue that extends above the epithelial surface and precludes re-epithelialization is called what proud flesh
What is excessive, persistent fibrosis following an injury or surgical incision called desmoids
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