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haneymedtermch17 17

haney medterm c17-17

cervix opening of vagina
endometrium inner lining of uterus
diaphragm gynecologial term for protection
estrogen female hormone secreted from ovaries
hymen thin layer of tissue outlining vaginal opening
gonads gamete producing glands
ovary female reproductive glands
mammary glands female breasts
gynecology branch of medicine specializing in the female reproductive system
ovulation release of eggs
ovum female eggs
mastectomy surgical removal of breasts
fertilization union of male sperm and female eggs
pregnancy 9 month period before childbirth
vagina muscular tube 3 inches long
amenorrhea absence of menstral flow
Abstinence no vaginal intercourse
oral contraceptives birth control pills
Depo-provera injection inter-muscular injection every twelve weeks
intrauterine device prevents ovulation
barrier methods condoms ect
carcinoma of the breast breast cancer
endometriosis presence and growth of endometrial tissue
PID pelvic inflamatory disease
mammogram imaging of the breast
Created by: ARoss91